For the LOVE of colouring!

by Maplelea Staff March 30, 2020

Did you know that March 31st is National Crayon Day? It's a fun day to celebrate the invention of crayons and the joy of colouring. While...
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At Home With Maplelea!

by Maplelea Staff March 23, 2020

There is no better time than now to explore your own inner world and let your imagination run wild with Maplelea! There are so many fun a...
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March Break and Social Distancing Ideas!

by Maplelea Staff March 16, 2020

March Break and school closures are upon us and we know that sometimes it can be difficult to plan new and interesting things to do, espe...
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A Valentine's Day Photo Story

by Maplelea Staff February 04, 2020

Charlsea, Saila & Jenna were looking for ideas to pass their spare time indoors, and since it's February, that means it's time for Va...
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Remembrance Day in Class : A Fan Photo Story

by Maplelea Staff November 08, 2019

Remembrance Day is a special time to reflect. Here is a wonderful photo story about Remembrance Day activities in the classroom.
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Oh what fun we had at the Girl Expo!

by Maplelea Staff October 22, 2019

Girl Expo Canada 2019 was a fun-filled day with so much to see and learn and do. It was a very energetic, thought-provoking, educational ...
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Battle of the Dolls

by Maplelea Staff October 21, 2019

How does a homegrown pure play take on an American giant? By doing the one thing that giant can’t – be unabashedly Canadian! 
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The Haunted Treehouse: A Photo Story

by Maplelea Staff October 19, 2019

Enjoy a fun fan photo story about Charlsea and Jenna in a "haunted" tree house, and see how "Canadian Girl" saves the day!
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It's a Maplelea Flash Mob!

by Maplelea Staff October 16, 2019

Front & Centre Dance Studio has created a Flash Mob Dance, just for Maplelea to perform at the Girl Expo on October 20th...OR you can...
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Celebrating Taryn's Birthday

by Maplelea Staff October 09, 2019

October is Taryn's birthday month! Join us as we share a fantastic photo story from a wonderful Maplelea fan.
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Taryn's Visit to the Ranch

by Maplelea Staff September 19, 2019

Megan’s grandparents went away on a holiday and left their cattle ranch in northern BC, close to Fort St. John, in the hands of Megan and...
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Real Canadian Girl Music Video

by Maplelea Staff August 31, 2019

We invite you to sing along with Juno award-winning Jessie Farrell to the Maplelea remake of Stompin’ Tom’s Canadian Classic, Real Canad...
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