Maplelea Fan Photo Story : A Maplelea Valentine's Party!

by Holly Collins January 06, 2022

Charlsea had heard that many families could not get together so she gathered her friends to make some cards for those who really need som...
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A Valentine's Day Photo Story

by Maplelea Staff January 05, 2022

Charlsea, Saila & Jenna were looking for ideas to pass their spare time indoors, and since it's February, that means it's time for Va...
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Fun at Home Ideas!

by Holly Collins January 01, 2022

School closures are upon us and we know that sometimes it can be difficult to plan new and interesting things to do, especially things th...
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Gingerbread Cookies at Home! A Fan Photo Story + RECIPE!

by Kathryn Morton November 23, 2021

Charlsea and Brianne bake gingerbread cookies as a fun activity during the Christmas Holidays! A fun fan story with recipe!
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You as a Maplelea Doll: Submissions

by Maplelea Staff November 03, 2021

Check out our amazing submissions for our fun "At-home with Maplelea" as a Maplelea doll! There's so much creativity here,...
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Remembrance Day in Class : A Fan Photo Story

by Maplelea Staff November 02, 2021

This wonderful photo story about the Maplelea Girls' Remembrance Day activities show us that Remembrance Day is a special time to reflect...
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Taryn's Butterfly-Filled Birthday!

by Holly Collins October 21, 2021

October 21st is our Maplelea Girl Taryn's Birthday! Follow along with this fun fan photo story for everything fun & butterfly-filled ...
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A Perfect Painted Pumpkin Craft!

by Holly Collins October 05, 2021

Real Pumpkins are so much fun at Halloween time! There are so many things you can do with them, and the very fun teeny-tiny ones are the ...
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Charlsea's Thankful Thanksgiving

by Maplelea Staff October 05, 2021

Charlsea grows a wonderful garden, with a bounty of vegetables, that she thankfully shares with others.
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Maplelea Craft! Make Your Own Doll Hammock

by Holly Collins July 22, 2021

Maplelea Craft: July 22 is National Hammock Day so, why not relax in the shade and enjoy a nap with your Maplelea Doll all snuggled up in...
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Maplelea Photo Contest

by Maplelea Staff June 30, 2021

Show us your Maplelea adventures! Submit photos or videos of your adventures, and you could win a $5 Maplelea Credit for each photo selec...
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2021 Family Model Search

by Kathryn Morton June 23, 2021

It's time for our Maplelea FAMILY Model Search! Have you ever thought about how much fun it would be to have your whole family in matchin...
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