Maplelea Fan Photo Story : A Maplelea Valentine's Party!

by Holly Collins February 14, 2023 3 min read 4 Comments

A Valentine's Party with Heart! 

Charlsea had heard that many families could not get together with this very unusual Valentines coming up. She thought of grandmas and seniors in care homes, many other people being lonely, or alone, and it didn’t take Charlsea long to think of the idea of making homemade Valentine cards to be mailed by regular snail mail to all the people she could find!  Spreading some joy was a good goal to have. Thankfully her mom was a BIG help, researching and getting names and addresses of people who might need cheering up, plus she rallied all of her friends were game to help.   It was a wonderful challenge, not only to make so many cards but also to make them for people they never ever met. So fun!

Charlsea was so excited to be hosting a Valentine's Party! She happily to greet her friends at her door.  

Charlsea even invited Theo to join in the fun. His Mom dropped him off at the front door too, still dressed in his Karate uniform.

Everyone was quick to jump in and started making cards. Their plan was to make at least 100 special Valentines cards for special people!

Charlsea's mom had already set the the tables up for a fun "Valentines Crafting Party"! The Maplelea Girls wanted to make as many as they could in order to spread love and bring smiles to those who really needed some extra love this year. 

Léonie on the end was the official card measurer.  She had the big "template" paper and ruler, and she was sure to draw the lines properly.  Then Annie cut Léonie’s lines and folded the cards.


Saila was busy drawing the designs. She worked quickly, and had so many fun ideas. Taryn, who is a great artist herself, took the job of colouring and made the designs pop with lots of colour.

Jenna’s job was also colouring, but she didn't manage to get a lot of work done, she was so busy talking, having fun and making everyone laugh. Charlsea chose to use her favourite colour...Sunshine Yellow...even though Jenna thought yellow was not a "Valentine colour".  Charlsea thought that any colour could be a "Valentine colour" if it made you feel happy, warm and loved.  Besides, Brianne could find just the right words to make it perfect anyway.

Brianne was chosen to be the writer.  She could think of such wonderful things to say inside the cards. She even made each message different without using rhymes, as she had wanted to make the cards heartfelt so that the receivers know that they are cared for, and make them smile when they got their cards.

Over at the next table, Alexi and Theo were busy with the final cards.  Alexi was designated as the official address printer, since she has neatest hand writing...the postman has to be able to understand the writing on the envelopes!

Theo’s job was to put the right card into the right envelope.  He also had to check Brianne’s writing inside, and Alexi’s address to make sure the people got their very own cards. Then he stuffed the envelopes into the big Valentines box under the table. He noticed that the box was getting full and told the others "We are getting to the end", excitedly. Everyone was so pleased.  

Another wonderful day of making happiness for others.  Maplelea Teamwork was sure the ticket for this Valentine's crafting party.

Do you have friends in your bubble that you could work with as a team?  Or maybe your family could all work together to make Valentine Cards for somebody you haven’t met, but you could show love and kindness by sending them a special homemade Valentine Card!


Happy Valentine's Day from Maplelea!

Show us what you can do to help your community or family or friends this Valentine's Day.

Thank you to Maplelea Super Fan, Shannon for the wonderful photos!

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January 10, 2022

Adorable! This was so heart-warming to read!


February 15, 2021

Such a wonderful story!


February 09, 2021

I love the photo story! so cute


February 09, 2021

whoah im the first one to see this

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