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Remembrance Day in Class : A Fan Photo Story

by Maplelea Staff November 06, 2020

Remembrance Day is a special time to reflect. Here is a wonderful photo story about the Maplelea Girls' Remembrance Day activities.
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A Perfect Painted Pumpkin Craft!

by Holly Collins October 31, 2020

Real Pumpkins are so much fun at Halloween time! There are so many things you can do with them, and the very fun teeny-tiny ones are the ...
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Taryn's Terrific Surprise!

by Maplelea Staff October 19, 2020

Follow along with Taryn's birthday surprise.... a birthday hike!
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Charlsea's Thankful Thanksgiving

by Maplelea Staff October 10, 2020

Charlsea grows a wonderful garden, with a bounty of vegetables, that she thankfully shares with others.
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Celebrating Taryn's Birthday

by Maplelea Staff October 02, 2020

October is Taryn's birthday month! Join us as we share a fantastic photo story from a wonderful Maplelea fan.
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The Haunted Treehouse: A Photo Story

by Maplelea Staff October 01, 2020

Enjoy a fun fan photo story about Charlsea and Jenna in a "haunted" tree house, and see how "Canadian Girl" saves the day!
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At Home With Maplelea!

by Maplelea Staff September 25, 2020

There is no better time than now to explore your own inner world and let your imagination run wild with Maplelea! There are so many fun a...
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Celebrating Canada Day!

by Maplelea Staff June 30, 2020

It's a special Canada Day this year as we celebrate safely across our wonderful country! The Maplelea Girls all have their own special me...
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You as a Maplelea Doll Submissions!

by Maplelea Staff May 08, 2020

Check out our amazing submissions for our fun "At-home with Maplelea" activity...you as a Maplelea doll! There's so much creativity here,...
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Real Canadian Girl Music Video

by Maplelea Staff May 07, 2020

We invite you to sing along with Juno award-winning Jessie Farrell to the Maplelea remake of Stompin’ Tom’s Canadian Classic, Real Canad...
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Maplelea Girls Mother's Day Wishes

by Maplelea Staff May 06, 2020

Mother's Day is almost here and the Maplelea Girls each have very special wishes for this year's Mother's Day!
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Earth Day Craft!

by Maplelea Staff April 21, 2020

Did you know that Earth Day on April 22 this year is it's 50th anniversary? Since we are all practicing social distancing and doing new a...
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