Get Crafty for St. Patrick's Day!

by Kathryn Morton March 09, 2023

St. Patrick's Day is only days away and our Maplelea girl Jenna is determined to "catch a leprechaun"! She has called in all the help she...
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Signs of Spring--A Charlsea Photo Story by Thea C.

by Kathryn Morton February 19, 2023

In mid-February on Salt Spring Island, Charlsea explores the outdoors and delights in finding three new signs of spring!
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Maplelea Fan Photo Story : A Maplelea Valentine's Party!

by Holly Collins February 14, 2023

Charlsea had heard that many families could not get together so she gathered her friends to make some cards for those who really need som...
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A Doll for Mom : A Maplelea Mom's Story

by Maplelea Staff February 04, 2023

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Fun with Friends - A Winter Story

by Kathryn Morton January 11, 2023

Fun with Friends - A Winter Story by two young Maplelea Fans.
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Real Canadian Girl Music Video

by Kathryn Morton June 17, 2022

We invite you to sing along with Juno award-winning Jessie Farrell to the Maplelea remake of Stompin’ Tom’s Canadian Classic, Real Canad...
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How to make a Doll-Sized Campfire, S’more and Marshmallow Stick

by Maplelea Staff June 15, 2022

Want to learn how to make a doll-size campfire, s’more and marshmallow stick just like Taryn’s? Come join us as we get crafty!
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Battle of the Dolls

by Maplelea Staff March 01, 2022

How does a homegrown pure play take on an American giant? By doing the one thing that giant can’t – be unabashedly Canadian! 
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Fun at Home Ideas!

by Holly Collins January 01, 2022

School closures are upon us and we know that sometimes it can be difficult to plan new and interesting things to do, especially things th...
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Gingerbread Cookies at Home! A Fan Photo Story + RECIPE!

by Kathryn Morton November 23, 2021

Charlsea and Brianne bake gingerbread cookies as a fun activity during the Christmas Holidays! A fun fan story with recipe!
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You as a Maplelea Doll: Submissions

by Maplelea Staff November 03, 2021

Check out our amazing submissions for our fun "At-home with Maplelea" as a Maplelea doll! There's so much creativity here,...
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Everybody Loves a Party!

by Maplelea Staff May 25, 2021

Whether it is a birthday party or a “just because” party, creating a celebration for your dolls is a great activity that can be done spon...
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