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We’ve taken extra special care to ensure that all Maplelea dolls and accessories will stand the test of time. The basic care tips below will help ensure that she is always looking her best.


Your Maplelea doll's head, arms, and legs can be surface washed with warm water, gentle soap or a baking soda paste, and a soft cloth. Please do not immerse the doll's head or body in water. Gently wipe, but do not scrub the painted parts of the doll such as the lips, cheeks, freckles and eyebrows.

For scuffs and scratches, a clean makeup sponge can work to buff out scratches or shiny areas from the doll’s skin, restoring the soft matte texture.

We do not recommend washing her hair unless absolutely necessary, as repeated washings can cause it to frizz. If necessary, follow the directions below. Be careful to not let her eyes get wet, as this may damage the doll.

Dolls should be stored in light coloured outfits. Do not store dolls for a long period of time against dark fabrics, leather, plastic or vinyl. Do not store dolls with print or ink contacting the dolls, such as with photocopied paper, or grocery bags with print.


Hand wash separately in cool water with gentle soap. Lay flat to dry. Shoes and non-fabric accessories: Surface wash only.

Hair Care


  • Be very gentle when brushing the hair. Always use a metal wig brush, like the Maplelea Hairbrush. Plastic brushes and combs will snag the hair.
  • You may find it easiest to sit your doll between your legs to hold her steady, or you can ask someone else to hold her while you brush.

  • To work out tangles, hold the scalp and upper hair with one hand, and the brush in your other hand. Start at the bottom edge and brush just the very ends of the hair. Work your way up one centimetre at a time (or less if very tangled).
  • Be very careful to work the tangles out, rather than breaking them out.

  • Frizziness may be caused by leaving it in a tangled state or by rough treatment when brushing.

Washing the hair

  • Don’t wash your doll’s hair unless absolutely necessary. Repeated washings may cause it to frizz.
  • If you must wash it, be very careful that you do not get your doll’s eyes or body wet. Make sure she is always face-up so the water doesn’t run into her eyes.

  • Use a mild shampoo and gently lather the hair, but not the scalp.
  • To dry the hair, use a towel and squeeze out the water. Do not rub or twist the hair. Do not use a blow dryer.

  • Let it dry naturally. It may take overnight.


  • To style hair, use a metal wig brush such as the Maplelea Hairbrush, barrettes, elastics, rollers (without heat), and other accessories.
  • Misting with water will assist to provide semi-permanent styling.

  • Never use heat on your doll’s hair. That means no blow dryers, curling irons, hot curlers or any other heat device. Heat will cause the hair to melt or frizz.

Just as for real girls who are very active, you may find that putting your doll’s hair in a low ponytail or a braid will prevent the hair from getting tangled as the two of you move about your busy day. Or, you can use the Maplelea bun maker, from the Pirouettes and Pliés ballet set.

Note: Do not use a brush on dolls with very curly hair such as KMF11. Dolls with bigger curls such as KMF27 an KMF28 should only be brushed one curl at a time, and then wrapped around a finger to restore the curl.

Should your Maplelea doll have a misadventure that our care tips do not cover, please contact our customer service team for assistance, or read more about the Maplelea Spa Service below.




The Maplelea Spa

Even the best loved dolls sometimes have misadventures when living in a busy household with little siblings, puppy dogs and other hazards. If misfortune has befallen your Maplelea Girl, perhaps a visit to the Maplelea Spa is just what she needs.

Your Maplelea Girl will be returned looking and feeling great. She will be wearing a comfy spa gown and matching slippers, accompanied by journal pages detailing her spa experience. The spa fee is $56.

How to admit your Maplelea Girl doll to the Spa
  1. Complete a Spa Admission Form.
  2. Place your undressed doll with the admission form and payment in suitable packaging. Do not include any clothing or accessories with your doll. to minimize shipping charges, package her in as small a package as possible, such as a plastic bag.
  3. If you would like to include any product purchases to be shipped with the returning doll, there would be no additional charge for shipping. Just include the order form and payment with the doll you are returning.
  4. Mail your package to:
619 Steven Crt, Unit 6
Newmarket, ON
L3Y 6Z3
  5. The Spa visit takes five business days. To determine when you will receive your doll back, add the amount of transportation time it takes for the doll to get to and from the Spa to the Spa visit time of five days. If you wish to pick up your doll, we will phone or email to advise when it is ready.

Maplelea Spa Form
Important Information about the Maplelea Spa
  • Our Maplelea Spa is actually a doll replacement service. The doll you will receive back will be a completely new doll. Please note that all Maplelea Girl dolls have a generation number on the back of the neck. We will endeavour to match the generation number of your doll, if possible. If the generation number is different, the appearance will still be very similar.
  • Please note;  All Maplelea Girls are available, and all Maplelea Friends are available, except KMF2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 14, 15, 17, 19 and 22.   If you require assistance with one of the dolls not available, please contact customerservice@maplelea.com.
  • We must receive the doll before sending out the replacement.
  • A doll can only be replaced with a doll of the same character (unless that doll is no longer available).


If you have any questions, please contact our customer service team for assistance.