Maplelea makes products that meet or exceed all relevant Canadian and American standards. Our products are tested in the design stage, as well as during pre-production, production and post production, and then are checked again when they arrive in our warehouse.

Maplelea products are thoughtfully designed for play by children ages 6 years and up. However, we design and test our toys to be safe for ages 3 years and up.

All of our products conform to ASTM certification, the international safety standard for toys, as well as the Canadian Hazardous Products Act. Our products meet the requirements of the Health Canada’s Safety Requirements for Children’s Toys. We also meet or exceed US Consumer Product Safety Commission (US CPSC) Regulations for Toys.

The quality of our dolls and accessories have been overwhelmingly acclaimed by many to be the highest quality available in the 18” doll market.

At Maplelea our products are designed to impeccable standards, and we are confident you will be pleased with the quality of Maplelea products.

In order to achieve this level of quality and value:

  • We put considerable detail in our products such as linings, embellishments, decorative stitching, finished seams, etc.
  • We use superior materials and processes in the manufacture of our products
  • We have a high degree of Canadian creative and technical content in our products. All designing, illustrating, writing and sculpting is done in Canada.
  • We use factories that are highly qualified, reliable and socially responsible.
  • We do frequent safety testing of our products.
  • Our storylines and packaging designs are distinctively Canadian.

We take great pride in being a Canadian-based company. The development, design, sculpting, writing, illustration, shipping and customer service of Maplelea products is done in Canada. We’ve made arrangements with several Canadian suppliers to manufacture specific pieces for our collection. For example, Inuit craftspeople in Nunavut make Saila’s Pang hat and Amazing Amauti for us, according to their traditional designs. We use a factory in Toronto to make our Canadian Girl hoodies, and there is a family business in Ontario that makes our toboggans for us and even grow the trees for the wood!

Unfortunately, there are no vinyl doll factories in Canada. Thus, although the products are designed in Canada, the assembly is mainly done at highly qualified, socially responsible factories in China. Our factories are monitored on a regular basis by us personally and by independent monitoring authorities. Each factory has a variety of certifications attesting to their management abilities, quality control, safety and social responsibility.

No, Maplelea products are not available in stores. Stores require a significant mark-up in order to cover their expenses. By eliminating the middleman and selling directly to consumers we can keep our prices as low as possible.

However, all Maplelea products are on display and available for purchase at our Newmarket Distribution Centre Showroom, 619 Steven Ct, Unit 6, Newmarket, ON L3Y 6Z3

PLEASE check our "Contact Us" Page for Open Hours, as they can change.

(Closed on Statutory Holidays)

Orders can be placed on-line or by calling 1-800-668-4339. We do have occasional pop-up shops and meet-up events where our products are on display and available for sale. Sign up for our email newsletter, watch our blog, or follow us on Facebook to be among the first to know about any upcoming events.

Remember: Authentic Maplelea products are only available directly from Maplelea.

Maplelea dolls are recommended for children age 6 to 12+ years. Our dolls appeal to doll enthusiasts of all ages, however are safe only for children over three.

Maplelea dolls and their accessories should never be given to children under three due to the choking hazard of small parts.

Our products are designed to impeccable standards and we are confident you will be pleased with the quality of Maplelea products. If, however, you are dissatisfied with an item due to a manufacturing defect, we will gladly replace or repair it at no charge. In the unlikely event that you have an issue, please contact

Yes. All Maplelea products and accompanying journal pages are completely bilingual, with the exception of Saila. Her journal is tri-lingual; English, French and Inuktitut!

All Maplelea outfits fit all Maplelea dolls.

Maplelea outfits also fit most other 43cm-46cm (17”-18”) hard and soft body play dolls, such as; Our Generation, Journey Girls and American Girl dolls.

Brianne’s family is of Ukrainian heritage, having immigrated to Canada over 100 years ago.

Jenna has both Scottish and German heritage in her background.

Léonie describes herself as having "lots of French blood, but also a little Native and some Irish."

Saila is from Nunavut and is proud of her Inuit heritage.

Charlsea's father immigrated from England.

Brianne, Saila, Jenna, Charlsea and Léonie celebrate Christmas, Easter and other similar holidays. For Taryn and Alexi, no ethnic, cultural or religious background or festivities have been mentioned in their story journals, leaving you free to create that part of their story for yourself.

The Maplelea Friends allow you to create an original character yourself by using the accompanying journal containing questions, prompts and blanks.

care instructions, please click here.
Even the best loved dolls sometimes have misadventures when living in a busy household with little siblings, puppy dogs and other hazards. If misfortune has befallen your Maplelea doll, we recommend a trip to the Maplelea Spa. Your Maplelea doll will be returned looking and feeling great. She will be wearing a comfy spa gown and matching slippers, accompanied by new pages for her journal. The spa fee is $56. Please note that this is a doll replacement service; we cannot repair your original doll. For further details on the Maplelea Spa, click here.

As with all high quality collectible dolls, there is a backstamp on the doll’s neck giving information about the doll’s history. On all Maplelea dolls there is an embossed numeric code indicating the year that mould was first used. Printed in brown ink is the generation code. The first generation of each doll does not always have the brown ink as the first generation is usually the same as the mould creation date.

No. Maplelea is a completely independent, Canadian-owned and operated company based in Newmarket, ON.

We will ship to most countries around the world. We have economical shipping rates to the USA available for selection upon check-out.

A limited selection of our products are also available on in the USA. Please note that products purchased on our website,, are billed in Canadian dollars. Products purchased on are billed in US dollars.

We are proud to introduce our Maplelea&ME! boy doll. Please visit this page HERE. Plus, we have over 42 different outfits and accessories that are suitable for use with 18” boy dolls. This includes such things as karate, hockey, soccer, pets, bedding, tent, guitar, and many more outfits and accessories. You can see them here.

On our website you have the choice of viewing our prices in Canadian or American dollars. However, all orders will be billed to your credit card in Canadian dollars. If you have an American credit card, your card company will convert the Canadian amount to US$ at the time it bills the order to your card. The exchange rate will be whatever your card company is charging at the time the order goes through.

You may choose to view our prices in American dollars by toggling on the currency icon. The American prices you will view will approximate the exchange rate that will be charged to your American credit card. There is no guarantee that your card will charge you the exchange rate that we are using for the approximation, but it should be close.

The ability to view our prices in US$ is simply provided as a convenience for those more familiar with dealing with American prices.

Further Questions?

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