Celebrating Canada Day!

June 13, 2024 2 min read 2 Comments

It's a special Canada Day this year as we celebrate safely across our wonderful country! The Maplelea Girls all have their own special messages to share on this Canada Day!



Hi! I’m Taryn from Banff, Alberta and I love everything about Canada Day!  To celebrate, my family and I are going on a hike to one of our lesser-known favourite spots in Banff National Park. Boulder and I just love being out in our beautiful Canadian nature.  Happy Birthday Canada. 



Hi Canada.  I’m Alexi, from Toronto, Ontario.  I have two things that make me proud of being a Canadian this year (2020).  Number 1; I joined the ringette team and I am soooo proud to play and love wearing my jersey.  Number two;  I learned how to play “O Canada” on the piano.  Ta Dah!! 



Happy Canada Day from me, Brianne, all the way here in Sandy Lake, Manitoba! It’s Canada’s 153rd birthday this year.  I remember when Canada turned 150, and I still have my special shirt, which I wear every Canada Day.  I did the math, and I will be a few days short of my 60th birthday when Canada turns 200.  Wow! Happy birthday Canada. 



Hi.  I'm Charlsea from Salt Spring Island in beautiful British Columbia and I also love Canada Day! This year we are having a great celebration in our backyard and I have been having so much fun flying my Canada Day kite. Yay Canada! 



Hi everybody, I’m Annie and I am from Burnaby, British Columbia! This year I joined the cheerleading squad at school.  I love the Canada Day cheer we had made up, even if we didn’t get to perform it. Another thing that I was very proud of (and it was so exciting too!)…I got to sing “O Canada” on the radio for the celebration. How cool is that? Happy birthday Canada! 



Happy Canada Day everyone! I'm Jenna from all the way out east in lovely Lunenburg, Nova Scotia which is such a colourful place to live. I love our Canadian colours and I love that as a Canadian, I have so many opportunities, like playing so many cool sports and running in so many fun runs, but I still like soccer best! 



Atelihai! I’m Saila from the far North. Nunavut to be exact!  I love Nunavut and I love my country! The sun will barely set for me today, which is pretty neat, then we will have great celebrations.  I love being a truly Canadian girl. Happy Birthday Canada! 



Bonjour Canada!  I am Léonie from the one-and-only Québec City.  I love living in Canada, where a girl can dream big.  I am personally inspired by the amazing Canadian women's hockey team.  They are such wonderful role models and show me that Canadians can always achieve their best and have fun doing it! 


 HAPPY BIRTHDAY CANADA from all of the Maplelea Girls!

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Loretta Houben

July 04, 2020

This is so unique and fantastic! I adore all the photos and little descriptions.
Happy Canada Day!


July 04, 2020

I loved reading what each Maplelea Doll had to say for Canada Day. As a matter of fact, my cousin’s birthday, who has Alexi, is on the same day as Canada Day! There’s just so many things to celebrate! Taryn goes everywhere I go and we plan on having lots of Canada Day fun together! Thanks for sharing from across the country!

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