Catching Leprechauns!

March 15, 2024 2 min read

Photo story by Shannon G. in BC.

At exactly 8:20 a.m. the boys, Theo and Benny met up in the field, both dressed in green hoping to catch a leprechaun. The days before St. Patrick's Day, were said to be the best time to catch a leprechaun.


"I've brought along my satchel it may come in handy" Benny showed Theo. "Well, I have a plan" Theo told Benny. "I have a paper bag for each of us, and I think the best place find a leprechaun is in the Enchanting Forest."


They walked deep into the forest to the place of the Red Gnome Homes. "I think this is a good place" Theo said as he motioned that they go to where the forest was thick with ferns.  


"I caught one!" shouted Benny holding paper bag tightly up in the air.  "Yikes, he's like an angry wasp in there. He's really, really MAD " said Theo as Benny struggled to hold onto the bag.


The boys continued further into the Enchanting Forest, and it was soon Theo’s turn to catch a leprechaun. He caught one from behind a tree and secured the top of the paper bag with a wire pipe cleaner. Oh, both leprechauns were equally angry and raised such a fuss all the way back.


The boys covered the paper bags with large glasses and ran to get the girls to share the news that they had found leprechauns.  


 "Let’s go get the girls" shouted Benny with great excitement. "They will be so amazed!" and off the boys ran.

The Maplelea kids all arrived back just minutes later, but Theo and Benny were in total disbelief, "THEY GOT AWAY ON US!" They both said at the same time, total astonished and their arms in the air.


"Ya right!" laughed Jenna. "Really!" said Charlsea. The girls all laughed, but the boys remained speechless.


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