Signs of Spring--A Charlsea Photo Story by Thea C.

March 12, 2024 2 min read 5 Comments

It's mid February and on Salt Spring Island, on Canada's West Coast, Charlsea goes out exploring.

After a few days of being cooped up with a cold, she is glad to be outside in the sunshine.

The rain has stopped, so her umbrella is now folded.

She was surprised at how many new bright greens were visible everywhere...but what was this at her feet? 

Definitely a sign of spring--a first, tiny, white crocus!

 Tiny crocus buds in front of rain boots for 18-inch doll.

She wandered on further.

Then she checked out the little garden with the deer fence around it.  Many plants have to be protected behind fences to keep the deer and rabbits from sampling any type of green shoots and young leaves.

As she had thought, while she was inside recuperating, the Lenten Rose had put out half a dozen buds. Lenten rose buds being examined by an 18-inch Canadian Girl doll on Salt Spring Island, BC.

One was fully open. These blooms always hang like open umbrellas!

All these spring colours!  Charlsea looks like a spring blossom herself in her Bee Friendly outfit.  

Canadian girl doll dressed in colourful sweater and rain boots goes exploring.

Charlsea wandered on further. And that blue sky behind her was so lovely after all the rains.

As Charlsea crossed the yard she spotted yet another sign of spring. But, this time, she hurried inside first. While Charlsea is a casual person who loves the outdoors, she also revels in a touch of formal ritual.

She made some tea and put it in her favourite china tea cup, grabbed one of the birds nest cookies, placed it on a saucer, and hurried back outdoors to her third sign of spring-- three little daisy-like blossoms in the middle of the yard.

Doll-size china tea cup and plate beside flower blossoms in the grass beside a doll.

This is time to celebrate!  Not one, not two, but three signs of spring...the crocus, the Lenten rose, and the little blossoms in the grass.  

She leans back and basks in the glorious sun!

Canadian Girl doll Charlsea sits on the grass beside some tiny flowers and enjoys a cup of tea and a cookie.

All that green under a blue, blue spring sky!  What a beautiful day to enjoy!

By Thea C. of Salt Spring Island

5 Responses


April 11, 2024

I just loved seeing and reading this story! I LOVE to do photo stories too! I am sorry to hear Charlsea was sick with a cold. I am glad to hear she is doing much better! A Wonderful Creation!


April 22, 2023

loved this! Please do one of Saila.


February 22, 2023

Lovely photos of a beautiful spring day on Salt Spring Island. Thank you Thea for a peek of early spring where Charlsea lives.

Carole Cummings

February 22, 2023

Such a nice story. Spring is welcomed after a long winter. Great photos too.


February 20, 2023

This is such a sweet & precious story…. And fantastic pictures!!! ❤️

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