Alexi Visits Canada's Oldest Chinatown in Victoria, BC.

January 22, 2024 2 min read 4 Comments

A photostory by superfan Thea C. of Salt Spring Island, BC

On a very chilly day in January, Alexi explored the Chinatown in Victoria, BC, the oldest one in Canada!

Alexi looking at the Gate of Harmonious Interest Victoria BC

As she approached she was awestruck by the Gates of Harmonious Interest, the ornately decorated arch marking the entrance.

Gate of Harmonious Interest Victoria BC

Through the gate she could see bold colours of lucky red and gold, very distinctive architecture, and business names written in Chinese on shop signs.

Chinatown Victoria BC with colourful decorations

For over 150 years Chinatown has provided a cultural community for Chinese people arriving and settling in Canada.

Alexi doll looking a signs in Chinatown Victoria BC

The Chinese Canadian Museum has lots of interesting exhibits and stories.

 Alexi doll walking along Fisgard Street in Chinatown Victoria BCChinese Canadian Museum in Chinatown Victoria BC

There are lots of fun little alleys and streets to explore.

Alley in Chinatown Victoria BC


A small alley with lanterns in Chinatown Victoria BC

The crosswalk had photos of animals popular in Chinese culture.  In Chinese culture, each year is named after a different animal.

Crosswalk with animals from Chinese culture

Everywhere Alexi looked, there was so much to see.

Street scene in Chinatown Victoria BC

She stopped for a refreshing bubble tea.

Bubble tea sign in Chinatown Victoria BC

Alexi was awed by the ornate architecture of the Chinese Public School built in 1909.

Alexi doll looking at the Chinese Public School in Victoria BC 

She saw a sign about a children's book called White Jade Tiger about a girl who visits Chinatown and steps through a door and travels back to 1881. There she meets Keung, a boy her age, and together they start looking for Keung's missing father.  Alexi loves reading and recognized the author, Julie Lawson, as she has read some of her other historical fiction. She made a note to find the book at the library and read it.

Maplelea doll Alexi reads about a children's historical fiction book about a girl who visits Chinatown.

Lunar New Year, an important celebration for Chinese people all over the world happens in January or February each year.  That's coming up soon, Alexi thought.  That will be fun to celebrate!




4 Responses

Daisy Skyheart

May 05, 2024

This was such an interesting story. For sure I will be visiting Chinatown with my very own Alexi. Her other Maplelea sisters will definitely be joining the fun.


March 12, 2024

I live in Victoria, and I appreciated seeing our Chinatown through a visitor’s (and doll’s) perspective. I haven’t been to the Chinese museum, so that’s something I should check out. I am an adult doll collector, and I have felt too self-conscious to take pictures of my dolls in public. However, this photo story turned out so well that maybe I will try.

Jeanie Dubberley

February 14, 2024

I’ve been a Maplelea fan for years, and this is the first blog I’ve read! Now that I’m aware of them, I’ll keep reading. Thank you for yet another thing to love about Maplelea.

Joan Franzolino

January 24, 2024

Thank you for sharing your lovely photos. I really enjoyed your trip through Chinatown.

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