Clearing the Path for Camp Maplelea!

May 24, 2024 2 min read 1 Comment

This is a photo story sent to us by Maplelea super-fan, Thea C. on Salt Spring Island.  Charlsea and Cedar-Rose (the name she has given to her Maplelea&ME! doll KMF32) are checking one of their favourite trails for the work that would be needed to get it ready for the summer campers.

Camp Maplelea will soon be opening for the season. Charlsea and her friend, Cedar-Rose, set out to do some trail clearing. 

As the afternoon sun warmed up the crisp spring air Charlsea and Cedar-Rose walked along the well-worn trail.  They noticed it was scattered with pinecones, needles, and twigs. Not too much would need clearing except for a few trees and branches that had come down over the winter.

“Look”, said Charlsea, “There’s a new deer path that wasn’t here last year.  Let’s follow it and see where it goes.”

“Wow, this is great”, cheered Cedar-rose.  “This will be a new place for the campers to explore.”

As they continued along the new deer path, theynoticed a large fallen tree with roots exposed.

When they were able to get through the thick trail to check it out they noticed...a flat rock that would be the perfect meeting place and picnic spot.

Charlsea pointed to the distinctive rock formation and with excitement bubbling in her voice announced, “This ledge here could be a perfect spot for a little picnic area."

Cedar-Rose nodded, her eyes sparkling with excitement. "And it could also be a great spot for outdoor classes when the campers arrive for their adventures at Camp Maplelea."

They spent the next few moments lost in the possibilities, planning for the new trail extension and the potential picnic area. 

Charlsea and Cedar-Rose were happy to be exploring the new deer path, but Charlsea remembered the importance of responsible hiking. "We have to remind the new campers that sticking to the paths helps to protect the undergrowth. With all of the plants, flowers, and insects it's a home for so many creatures, from butterflies and bees to small animals and even deer."


Charlsea paused to admire a delicate wildflower peeking through the undergrowth. "We want to enjoy our time in the forest but also minimize our impact so that we don't disturb the delicate balance of plant and animal life."

Cedar-Rose nodded in agreement, her gaze drifting to a flash of movement in the distance.

"Look," she whispered, pointing to a family of deer grazing peacefully in a nearby meadow. "This forest is home to so many creatures, big and small. It's up to us to protect it."

With a renewed sense of purpose, they set off with a deep appreciation for the beauty, and fragility, of the forest around them. They were looking forward to coming back with the other campers. 

Their mission wasn't just about clearing a trail; it was about nurturing a space for exploration, learning, and respect for the wild wonders that awaited them. The new deer path had beckoned, promising a hidden treasure and a chance to create a haven for future generations of nature enthusiasts at Camp Maplelea and for all who called the forest home.

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June 11, 2024

We can’t wait to see the further adventures of Charlsea, Cedar-Rose & the Camp Maplelea 2024 season!

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