Everybody Loves a Party!

January 22, 2024 2 min read 6 Comments

Whether it is a birthday party or a “just because” party, creating a celebration for your dolls is a great activity that can be done spontaneously, or planned and prepared with much anticipation.  Here are some ideas on how to celebrate with your dolls.

Choose a theme

Maybe a birthday party for one of your Maplelea dolls, a Valentines Celebration, a proper English Afternoon Tea, an outdoor Summer Tea or a Winter Wonderland party...or even a Western-themed party like Brianne!

Make invitations that tell the date and time of your party. 

Make some regular sized invitations and doll-sized invitations and decorate them to show your theme.  Be sure to include the date, time and place of the party.

Invite all of your dolls

You can have a party with just you and your dolls.  Or, invite other members of your household bubble to join in too!

Make decorations to go along with your theme

Are you having a winter wonderland party? Make paper snowflakes and put them up! Want to do an Afternoon Tea? Make a fascinator for you and your doll! Check out the instructions here.

Jenna and Saila make paper snowflakes! 

Make matching party hats for you and your dolls

Get creative and make your own fun matching party hats! You can paint them, use markers to draw on them, glue on some pompoms or fabric, add sparkles or some fun stickers. Just use your imagination, and decorate your hats matching your theme!   (Be sure to use paints and markers away from your dolls.)

Party hats are an easy way to make any event more festive!

Don't forget the food!

Decide if you are serving pretend food or real food.  There is lots of real food that comes in doll-sizes like mini Oreos or mini crackers. Cupcakes are the perfect size for a doll cake.  If you are feeling ambitious, you can also make your own doll-sized cookies!  Just please remember, If you are having real food and drinks, be very careful that it  never actually touches your doll, especially the hair and eyes.

Alexi and Brianne make perfectly sized gingerbread men! 

For pretend food, use Maplelea’s fun Set to Celebrate with its delightful break-apart cake, lemonade, and forks that fit into Maplelea hands. Don't forget to hang up the birthday banner! Or, use the cake stand from the Maplelea Set to Celebrate for a real cupcake—it fits perfectly!

 It's definitely a party with the Set to Celebrate! 

You can also:

Dress yourself and your dolls up in fancy clothes

Wrap up pretend presents to surprise your doll

Practice your best manners and teach them to your dolls

Make a video of the preparations and/or the party and, with your grown-up’s permission, share it with your friends and relatives


If you are planning on celebrating your Maplelea Girl's Birthday, here is when they happen!

We would love to see your celebration! Don't forget to take some photos and send them to Maplelea!

Thank you to Shannon G., Katherine V., and Nicole F. for their fantastic photo submissions. 

6 Responses


June 22, 2021

I have Charlsea and I celebrated her birthday by having a party with my brothers! They don’t have Maplelea Dolls, but they used their stuffed animals instead! It was so fun! I used cake, lemonade, and forks from the Set to Celebrate set! Thanks so much for these ideas! Keep up the great work!


December 16, 2020

P.S We’re planning a fun Christmas party too!


December 16, 2020

Love it! I have Taryn and my little sister has Charlsea and we celebrated Taryn’s we birthday with a birthday breakfast and then took a hike! Boulder came too.


January 27, 2019

Parties with my daughter and the Maplelea girls are so much fun. I love Maplelea and the quality and excellence these dolls provide Canadians.

Cahaya + Taryn

January 21, 2019

Really cute ideas! Taryn and I spent her birthday watching my dad do a marathon at the Toronto Waterfront. We really enjoyed it. Taryn stayed warm with her Canyon Falls outfit!

Shannon Gair

January 16, 2019

I love this! This is such an awesome way to spend time with your children. Their imaginations can soar, and you can have so much fun participating guiding and enjoying your children’s whimsical idea’s of seeing things their way. Thank you Maplelea for providing such healthy, educational, wonderful avenues for parents to enjoy the time with their children during this precious time of growing up in their lifetime.

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