How to make a Doll-Sized Campfire, S’more and Marshmallow Stick

July 15, 2023 3 min read 2 Comments

Want to learn how to make a doll-size campfire, s’more and marshmallow stick just like Taryn’s? Come join us as we get crafty! Follow thes step-by-step instructions below or check out our cool "How-to" video here, or click the link at the end of the tutorial.

For the campfire you will need:

  • Piece of cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Small rocks (about 20)
  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Sticks (7-8 that are approximately the same size as a glue stick)
  • Red, orange and yellow tissue paper


    1. To prepare for this craft, beginning by washing the 20 or so small rocks you have gathered. They need to be clean and perfectly dry before you start gluing. Heat up your glue gun while you do this step so that it is ready to use when you are done.
    2. Take your piece of cardboard and cut a circle that is about 11 cm in diameter. An easy way to create this circle is to trace around a lid off a yogurt container.
    3. Place your rocks around the perimeter of the cardboard circle, on top of the cardboard. Place the rocks so that they go slightly over the edge of the cardboard. Make sure you have all the right sizes and number of rocks before you start gluing.
    4. Slide the rocks of the cardboard, and begin gluing one rock at a time. You can do this by putting glue on the cardboard and then pressing the rock into it. You want to do one rock at a time to ensure that the glue is hot when pressing the rock into it.
    5. Glue each rock as close as possible to the rock beside it, and continue working your way around the circle.
    6. Next, you will need the 7-8 small sticks. The best way to get these sticks is to find dry branches from the ground because we don’t want to hurt any living trees. These sticks will probably be bigger than the size that you need, so measure along the branch with a glue stick, and break the pieces into the right size.
    7. Now we can place the logs on the campfire. Begin by finding a place between two rocks to nest a stick in. Glue the stick into place, angled so that the top of the stick is in the centre of the circle. Hold down the stick while the glue cools.
    8. On the opposite side, nest another stick in place and angle it so that the top touches the top of the first stick. Put another dab of glue where the two sticks meet at the top.
    9. Now you have a structure that you can lean the other sticks against. Continue to place the rest of your sticks around the campfire in a similar manner.
    10. To create the fire, take pieces of tissue paper and rip some pieces. The ripping creates a nice natural edge. To place the tissue paper in the fire, make a circle with one hand, lay a piece of the tissue paper on top, and then poke it with a finger.
    11. Stick the pieces between the logs. You can alternate with the three colours to make it look like a real fire. Continue doing this until you have the amount of “fire” you’d like.
    12. Enjoy playing with the campfire!



    For the marshmallow stick you will need:

    • White pompom
    • 1 stick slightly longer and thinner than the ones used for the campfire


    1. Take the long and thin stick you’ve gathered and glue the white pompom on the end.




       For the s’more:  

      • Light brown, dark brown and white craft foam
      • Shish Kebab skewer


      1. Cut two 1 inch square from the light brown foam for the graham cracker.
      2. Use the skewer to poke holes on one side of each piece of light brown foam.
      3. Cut out an irregular shape from the white foam and dark brown foam. This will make it look like the marshmallow and chocolate are melted and smushed between the crackers.
      4. Glue the layers together.



            Now your doll is all set to make s’mores around the campfire. If you have a Maplelea doll, the marshmallow stick and the s’more will fit perfectly in her hands, and she can hold them unassisted. Now she just needs a tent and backpack and she is ready to enjoy a great camping trip!


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            April 20, 2023

            Cute idea. Would like to see a doll size backpack. Some neutral colours so they could be used for either a girl or boy doll.


            November 27, 2018

            AWESOME i think this is awesome and all that could make it better is:A boy doll,And a boy doll dance outfit i say all this on behalf of my brother who is a dancer.Thank you for being support of.

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