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Every spring, Maplelea opens up the Maplelea Photo Contest—a perfect opportunity to show the world all the fun you and your Maplelea doll have! photo contest is open until JULY 5th, 2018!  We love to see photos from all seasons, so don’t forget your camera whether it is sunny, rainy, or snowy! Keep reading for more tips and tricks on how to take a winning photo. 

What makes a winning photo?  


  1. Canadian content.We love pictures that show off this great country of ours, especially those that depict what is special about the community or area where you live. We want photos from every province and territory. Photos taken outside of Canada will only be considered if there is a strong Canadian connection.
  2. Action! We want to see kids exploring, playing, learning, celebrating, helping, travelling, creating, discovering and just having fun!
  3. Stories! We love interesting stories (a short paragraph) to go with the photo. Tell us about the child and the story behind the photo—what led up to the event, why the day was special, the significance of the location, etc.
  4. Maplelea Products.Because we are using the selected photos in our catalogue or online campaigns, the clothing and accessories on the doll must be Maplelea clothing and accessories. The only exception to this is clothing or accessories made by the child. We prefer if the outfits/accessories shown with the doll are those that are intended for that character or those intended for all dolls (i.e. Taryn’s outfit on the Taryn doll, or an outfit intended for all dolls on any Maplelea doll. Outfits intended for all dolls have M as the second letter in their stock number.). Also, please make sure the doll's hair is neatly combed and/or styled.
  5. Safety First! If the activity shown is a sport that normally requires certain safety equipment, then that safety equipment must be shown in the photo. For example, if the child is in a boat, then they must be wearing a lifejacket. If the child is riding a horse, they must be wearing a helmet. (We understand that your doll may not always have the same safety equipment). Where appropriate, if the child has paused their activity for the photo, the safety equipment need only be in the photo.
  6. Diversity. We want to show Canada's diversity—diversity of children, of activities and of places. We always try to choose at least one photo from each province and territory. We strongly encourage families living in the territories and smaller provinces to submit entries.
  7. Age. Because Maplelea dolls and accessories are intended for children age 6 to 12+, we tend to choose photos of children that look that age.
  8. Variety. Each entrant can submit up to five photos. We like to receive photos from all seasons so keep taking pictures throughout the year, indoors and out.
  9. Photo Quality & Specs. Because this is a photo contest, we also look for good lighting, proper exposure, creative compositions, etc. Photos must be under 5MB and in jpg or GIF format to be uploaded. Other formats are not acceptable.



Now you know how to take a winning photo, enter our 2018 Photo Contest HERE!


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  • Hello,

    When is the next photo contest? My daughter would like to submit photos please.

    Krista MacLean

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