The Secret Picnic Spot

June 11, 2024 2 min read

This is a photo story sent to us by Maplelea super-fan, Thea C. on Salt Spring Island.  Charlsea and Cedar-Rose (the name she has given to her Maplelea&ME! doll KMF32) followed the trail to the picnic spot they had discovered on the rock ledge. One of the new campers Maddie (Maplelea&ME! doll KMF31) is excited to join them at Camp Maplelea. 

Charlsea and Cedar-Rose were excited to return to the secret picnic spot on the rock ledge. They had discovered it while clearing the forest path to get ready for the summer camp season at Camp Maplelea. With Cedar-Rose leading the way, they skipped through the deep grasses and over the hilly terrain, ready for a full day of hiking with their backpacks on.

They were on a mission: a return visit to their secret picnic spot! It was a bit of a climb to get to the rock ledge at the top of a mossy slope.

Cedar-Rose said to Charlsea, “This a challenging climb, but there are all these pretty flowers to look at along the way.”

Charlsea laughed and pointed to the soft moss and said, “This looks like the perfect soft spot to take a little rest.” Cedar-Rose giggled. "Good idea!"

It was getting warm and they took a snack and water break. Cedar-Rose decided to put her vest in her backpack.

Refreshed, they stood and followed a hidden path that snaked through the rocks, moss and ferns to finally reveal their secret spot! There was a bit of sunlight and a gentle breeze because the ledge looked over the forest.

"This is perfect!" Charlsea exclaimed, spreading her arms wide. They sat down and began thinking about all the fun ahead.

"Imagine all the campers here," Cedar-Rose mused.

Charlsea agreed and added. "We have a lot to do first.  We need to clear the leaves.” She added, "I also need to clear some brambles at the beginning of the path. Maybe we can ask some of the older campers to help us."

Cedar-Rose nodded. "I have to remember to tell everyone that tomorrow is the day that the new camp outfits are being handed out!"

They started back down the rock ledge and Charlsea said, “I can’t wait to come back tomorrow!”

The next day, they brought their friend, Maddie, along.

They helped each other over the rocks.

Reaching the spot, Maddie's exclaimed with delight. "Wow! This is amazing!"

After they'd explored the ledge, Maddie carefully led them back down a different path. They were bursting with excitement to share their secret with the other campers, knowing that this was only the beginning of their amazing summer adventures at Camp Maplelea!


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