YOU as a Maplelea Doll!

April 06, 2020 2 min read 2 Comments

YAY! It's another fun "At Home With Maplelea" activity. 


First, get this fun activity by clicking here and printing out the PDF file for you to complete at home.


  1. On the sheet, have your child create a doll and outfit that best reflects their personal style, their interests and/or the part of Canada they call home.
  2. Have the child fill out the information section.  Be sure the child uses their first name only and does not include any personal identifying information.
  3. This is for both boys and girls.
  4. If you would like us to consider publishing your child’s work on our website, then send a scan or photo in a high of a resolution as possible (file size) to and we will share some of the submissions on our website.  We hope to receive submissions from every province and territory in Canada!!
  5. When you send in the completed sheet,  please include the following info:
    1. The grown-up’s name.
    2. The child’s first name.
    3. Permission. Please cut and paste this into your email:  On behalf of myself and the child, I give permission for Maplelea to use the attached work in any way they see fit, now and forever, without compensation or acknowledgement, regardless if it is published or not.


PLEASE NOTE:  This is not a competition, and there are no prizes.  This is just a fun activity with the possibility of having your child’s creativity featured on our website.  Any work submitted becomes the property of Maplelea.  Maplelea can use any of the submissions in any way it sees fit and you have to be OK with that.  Be sure to use first names only on the information section.  Please scan the sheet or photograph it.  The digital quality of the submission may determine whether or not we can use it.  We prefer jpgs. Please also note that we never create a Maplelea doll in the likeness of a real child & all our Maplelea characters are fictional.  

Have Fun!


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February 08, 2021

i like it actualy love it

Helen J Neilsen

April 11, 2020

I’m so excited. I hope its ok to make several copies, for my sister and some cousins.

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