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Maplelea fans, young and old, love to take pictures of their dolls in action, amid our beautiful Canadian scenery.  To submit your photos or short videos for consideration, see the instructions at the end of this Photo Gallery.



Charlsea and Saila bring in the fall harvest on Salt Spring Island, BC.  Taken by Thea Chapman.


Charlsea and Saila enjoy the last few days of summer on Salt Spring Island.  Taken by Thea Chapman.


Shannon G. made a party room for her dolls in honour of Léonie's birthday! Happy Birthday Léonie!


Shannon G. and her husband looked out to find a beautiful blue sky day with sparkling snow and just knew they had to take Charlsea out to enjoy it.  They had a wonderful day atop Cypress Mountain in Beautiful British Columbia while many people stopped to admire her very Canadian doll with her very Canadian outfit. 


Hannah F. captured a portrait of Saila in her traditional Amauti and Pang Hat as a light snow gently fell in Sudbury, ON.

A curious fox photo bombed Saila and Taryn’s photography session.  He looked and he sniffed, but he didn’t touch. Submitted by Kimberly K. of Redditt, Ontario.

Charlsea enjoys a quiet moment in the sun on a beautiful Salt Spring Island fall day and just hangin' out! Submitted by Marjorie B. of Washington, USA.

The leaves crunched underfoot as the Maplelea Girls strolled through the fragrant forest. Submitted by Megan S. of Saskatchewan.

The 1st day of October was a beautiful day for a country walk along the paths of Derby Reach park in Langley, BC. Submitted by Shannon G. of Langley, BC.

Jenna joined Charlsea on a magical forest adventure and found this charming feather windmill and fairy door! Submitted by Shannon G. of BC.


At this bountiful time of year, Jenna and Charlsea have much to be thankful for. Submitted by Shannon G. de Langley, CB.


In Celebration of Canada 150, Jenna and Léonie cheered on Taryn and Charlsea on as they re-enacted the historic adventures of the Voyageurs on BC’s Fraser River. Submitted by Shannon G. of BC.

Oh dear! Jenna and Charlsea are stranded on one of the BC Gulf Islands!  Will anyone see their frantic waves? Submitted by Shannon G. of BC.

On a beautiful sunny West Coast day, Charlsea waves the Maple Leaf to show her Canadian pride while Jenna and Charlsea were thrilled to be the parade leaders on the occasion of Canada’s 150th birthday! Submitted by Shannon G. of BC.

Ferry boats and fairy doors—Charlsea’s Salt Spring Island has both! Submitted by Shannon G. of BC.

Alexi visits the CN Tower!

In the city of Toronto, the CN Tower features prominently on the horizon, and on Alexi’s shirt! Photo submitted by Marjorie B. of Washington, USA.

 Happy Birthday Charlsea!

It is May 24th and time to celebrate the birthdays of both Charlsea and Queen Victoria! Submitted by Shannon G. of BC.


Please include your name, the location and a one or two sentence explaining the photo.  Remember, we can only accept photos of Maplelea dolls wearing Maplelea outfits!  Please send them as a jpg attachment to your email.  Do not include people in your photo; for photos of children with their dolls, please see the annual Maplelea Photo Contest which happens in the Spring of each year.

To submit your photos, please send them to: submissions@Maplelea.com with "FAN PHOTOS" as the subject line. 

 Submission of photos to this email constitutes permission for Maplelea to use the photos as they deem appropriate, without compensation, in perpetuity.

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  • I love it. It is a great way to share with other Maplelea fans!

    Leah Stephens on

  • Hi Rachel! To submit your photos, please send them to: submissions@Maplelea.com with “FAN PHOTOS” as the subject line.

    Maplelea on

  • how can I post a pic of my and brienne?

    rachel clark on

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