Jenna and Brianne's "Two W’s" Weekend

January 15, 2021 3 min read 10 Comments

Follow along with Jenna as she tells you the fun story of her "Two W's" Weekend!

What is "Two W's"? It’s winter, and the weekend, get it? It's the best ever!

I got Brianne out of bed and had to explain all about the "Two W’s".  She was still sleepy and it took her a bit to get it, but when she did, she was just as excited about it as I was!  Tobogganing was the unanimous decision for the day - after breakfast, of course!  We still had our PJ’s on and we decided to make it a full PJ day...all day.  So, we only had to wash our face,  brush our teeth and put our socks on.  Do you wear your PJ’s under your snowsuit?  I love it!  They are so soft and cozy and perfect for wearing under our snowsuits.  

Did you ever notice that sometimes you are having so much fun in the snow that we don’t want to go inside?  We just want to play all day.  Our warm snowsuits make that possible ... but wow, it is a lot of work to get everything on.  Today, I forgot and put my mitts on first.  I like to do that so that they stay inside my jacket sleeves (that way no snow gets in), but doing up the zipper can be a challenge wearing mittens.  Luckily, Brianne was getting dressed a bit slower than me, so her mitts were still off.  She was very kind and helped me zip up my jacket zipper. Whew!

All dressed and off we go!  Dad brought the toboggan from the shed and we were heading off to a Regional Park today, so it meant a car ride.

I think tobogganing is one of the best things ever.  There were great hills at the Regional Park and no streets or fences to crash onto.  Brianne and I had so many laughs.  We went really fast, and had a few cold snowy face plants, but that didn’t matter. Today’s snow was so powdery that we could just brush it off before it melted.  I think I am a little more brave than Brianne, because I found this really steep part to slide on (super fun!). We found lots of new ways to ride down the hill - I do love winter! Finally, our outdoor time had to come to an end.

When we got home Dad was checking the windshield washer fluid, and Brianne and I ran into the house.  We quickly got out of our snow suits, and realized… oops! We accidentally brought the toboggan into the house!  We also even got snow all over the floors and our snowsuits, boots and mitts were lying everywhere.  We looked at each other, and then the mess.  "My mom wouldn’t like this!" I was thinking, but it was Brianne who said it out loud.  "Exactly what I was thinking!".  We looked at each other and laughed, then got to work cleaning up.  Our snowy wet boots and mitts now would dry out really nice on the heat register, and we hung up our snowsuits.  After a little while we checked our boots and mitts.  They were dry so we could put them nice and neat in the bottom shoe rack.

That was the great fun of our "Two W's" or maybe we can even call it "Three W’s...Wonderful Winter Weekend!".  Here is a good math problem: how many more "Three W’s" will I have? Hmmmmm... I hope you too have wonderful winter weekends like Brianne and I did!

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Carol Ann Loughridge

January 17, 2024

I truly loved the winter story featuring Brianne and Jenna. Those two girls were really having a terrific time sleding in the 🍁 Canada snow.

Carol Ann Loughridge

January 17, 2024

I truly loved the winter story featuring Brianne and Jenna. Those two girls were really having a terrific time sleding in the 🍁 Canada snow.


April 18, 2022

Lovely story… Awesome Photos of their day together. Love these girls :)


October 05, 2021

I love this, both the photos and the story! Kathryn, you are so good at “speaking” (writing) with a child’s voice! Thank you for doing this nice, fun thing for us!
p.s. I love the idea of putting soft, warm pjs under the winter outerwear.


July 17, 2021

i think the story is adorable.I love how Jenna and Brianne made a cute little story together.The pictures were cute.I loved it. I hope another one is made about Charlsea,Brianne,and Jenna.

stephanie caron

July 11, 2021

Great story. Great pictures. It made me want to go play in the snow.


May 25, 2021

SO cute and smart. It’s awesome!


March 30, 2021

So cool, I was making a stop motion video with Alexi and Brianne.


January 31, 2021

this story is so cute! The pictures are amazing! LOVE IT!!!!


January 18, 2021

That is so cute! Love the photo story.

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