Maplelea Fan Photo Story : A Maplelea Valentine's Party!

by Holly Collins February 08, 2021

Charlsea had heard that many families could not get together so she gathered her friends to make some cards for those who really need som...
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Taryn's Terrific Surprise!

by Maplelea Staff October 19, 2020

Follow along with Taryn's birthday surprise.... a birthday hike!
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The Haunted Treehouse: A Photo Story

by Maplelea Staff October 01, 2020

Enjoy a fun fan photo story about Charlsea and Jenna in a "haunted" tree house, and see how "Canadian Girl" saves the day!
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You as a Maplelea Doll Submissions!

by Maplelea Staff May 08, 2020

Check out our amazing submissions for our fun "At-home with Maplelea" as a Maplelea doll! There's so much creativity here,...
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Maplelea Fan Photography Gallery

by Maplelea Staff April 16, 2020

Maplelea fans, young and old, love to take pictures of their dolls in action, amid our beautiful Canadian scenery. To submit your photos ...
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Canada Day is on its Way!

by Maplelea Staff June 20, 2019

It’s nearing the end of June, and that means time to celebrate the beginning of summer holidays and the July 1st long weekend - Canada Day!
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A Two Family Tea Party for Mother's Day : A Photo Story

by Maplelea Staff May 13, 2019

Mother’s Day is the best time ever to have a tea party. Neighbourhood friends in BC, Addie and Gloria, who all happen to love their Maple...
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A Mother's Day to Remember

by Maplelea Staff May 08, 2019

When Erika-Shaye was younger she spent hours and hours with her Maplelea dolls, having tea parties with them and her mom. But, now that s...
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A Windstorm on Salt Spring Island

by Maplelea Staff February 04, 2019

Salt Spring Island recently had a massive windstorm that created much devastation on the Island. Maplelea Fan Thea C. sent us this photo ...
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Charlsea and Jenna Visit Salt Spring Island!

by Maplelea Staff December 05, 2018

Maplelea Girls Jenna and Charlsea visit Salt Spring Island!  
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Maplelea and the Mendelson Family

by Maplelea Staff August 27, 2018

Alice, Simon, Emet, Kol, Naomi and Baila Mendelson recently took a road trip from their hometown of Hamilton to Eastern Canada and they ...
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A Doll for Mom : A Maplelea Mom's Story

by Maplelea Staff May 02, 2018

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