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When Erika-Shaye was younger she spent hours and hours with her Maplelea dolls—playing, imagining, adventuring, creating and having tea parties with all her dolls, and her mom. 

But, now that Erika-Shaye is twenty years old, she has other things occupying her mind—university, part-time job, friends, and soon, a two month back-packing trip through Europe.  As she looked forward to her adventure, she was extremely excited, but also a little wistful because it meant that this year she would not be home for Mother’s Day.  What to do?

Then, one evening, she happened to hear her mom as she was looking through family photos on the computer.  Her mom was reminiscing about how much she cherished the days when her daughter was little and they would have tea parties with the dolls—how they would get all dressed up, bring out the fancy china and have a grand time.  Erika-Shaye knew exactly what she would do.  She would re-create the experience, grown-up style!  

She conscripted her 22-year-old brother Luke to help and together they got to work and made a plan.  Erika-Shaye, inspired by the new Canadian postage stamps featuring traditional Canadian sweets, made some Nanaimo Bars from her Nana’s old recipe. 

Her brother, assigned with biscuit making, cleverly said to his mother, “Mom you know those tea biscuits you make?  Can you make me an uncooked batch so I can cook them when I want?”  Flattered to be asked, she happily did so.

Then, on Saturday, a week before actual Mother’s Day, while Mom and Dad were out tending to the mundane task of getting repair parts for the trailer, the two kids went to work.  The lawn was cut and tables and chairs were brought outdoors.  Lilacs, beautiful, fragrant lilacs from the garden, Mom’s favourite, were cut and arranged.


Biscuits were baked, the good china set out, and the table was decorated. And, knowing how much their mom loves family photos, Luke documented the whole process for the family photo album. 

When Mom and Dad arrived home from their shopping trip, they were greeted at the door with a request to go upstairs and get dressed for a Mother’s Day Tea Party.

 Needless to say, when Mom saw the tea party spread out before her in the back garden, she was thrilled.  Such a delightful experience to share with the whole family. 


In keeping with tradition, the family’s Charlsea doll, was part of the celebration too. 


A mother could not be more proud of her two children, or rather, young adults!   


This early surprise Mother’s Day tea party was a tea party to top all tea parties!



Watch for more Mother’s Day Photo Stories to come! 

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  • This is a wonderful story! A Mother’s Day tea to remember!!!❤️❤️❤️

    Shirley on

  • What a great surprise Shannon. I would have loved that too. And lilacs are my absolute favourite flower. Their smell is heavenly.

    Gail Orr on

  • wow so specail maybe i will do that for mothers day

    lilly on

  • Love this story and the love Erika-Shaye and Luke have for their Mom. You are a very lucky lady Shannon!

    Sherry on

  • Lovely! Simply lovely. What a wonderful gift from your adult children.

    Winter on

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