A Doll for Mom or Grandma?

May 03, 2024 3 min read 8 Comments

Dolls for children—of course! But, there are also many adults who collect and enjoy Maplelea for a whole lot of different reasons. Here are just a few stories of Moms and Grandmas who cherish their very own Maplelea dolls.

Triplets Vickie, Emma and Maddie of Markham, ON all have Maplelea dolls, but they felt that their mom should have one too. So, they pooled their birthday money and bought one for her. She was thrilled! Now, all four of them enjoy playing school, having tea parties and taking the dolls on vacation.


Janet and Gemma B. of Toronto, ON are a mother/daughter duo who both chose Taryn as their dolls. Crafting for their dolls is one of their favourite things to do together.


Mom Shawna and her three girls all have Maplelea dolls in Enderby, BC. On the morning of the opening ceremonies for the 2014 Olympics they got up extra early, and everyone including their four Maplelea dolls, all donned their Canadian colours to cheer on team Canada as they proudly marched into the stadium. What a  wonderful family memory to have for years to come!


A few years back, Katie A.’s mom, a Master Corporal in the Canadian Armed forces, was deployed for a tour of duty in Afghanistan as a Medical Technician. Before she left, her family gave her a Taryn doll, which she took with her. Over the six months apart, daughter Katie, along with Jenna and Alexi, kept in touch with her mom and Taryn through letters, emails and phone calls. The dolls always provided a cheerful conversation topic. During her off duty hours, Master Corporal Dina T. sewed, by hand, a complete military uniform for her Taryn.  Soon, mom, daughter and all three Maplelea Girls were happily re-united in Pembroke, ON.


Four Maplelea Girls moved into Nana’s house in Peterborough, ON one Christmas and now her granddaughters are even more excited about visiting. Every summer she hosts “Nana Camp”—a week of fun, activities, and adventure for the four cousins, the four Maplelea Girls and Nana!

Mrs. Lee is a senior who is fascinated by Maplelea’s quality, Canadian stories and collectability. She avidly collects new dolls and outfits as they come out, just for her own enjoyment, and now her adult daughter has joined her in this hobby.

Grandchildren and their Maplelea dolls may live far away, but for many grandmothers, it does not stop them from sharing the fun. With their own dolls as fit samples, these grandmothers happily knit, sew and crochet, knowing that when the hand-crafted treasures arrive at their destination, they will fit perfectly on the intended doll.

Cathy and Joanne are two sisters from the Niagara region who started sewing for their granddaughters’ dolls, but have “been blessed with a large dose of Dolly Fever”. They are now collecting and playing for themselves. “Life goes on at a fast pace”, Joanne says, “and we seniors often find ourselves wondering how to keep our mind, hands and emotions engaged in an enjoyable past-time when family members are absent.” When meeting this lively duo, as they eagerly add to their doll collection, it is obvious just how much fun and enjoyment the dolls provide.


A Maplelea doll for Mom or Grandma? Absolutely!

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May 05, 2024

I fell in love with the Maplelea catalogue when I was little, but never asked for a doll as it seemed like too much to ask for. Here I am as an adult though, with three and lots of accessories! I love getting to support a wonderful Canadian company with so much nostalgia for me. I also plan to be a play therapist and foster parent, and gathering quality toys that will help with that mission is great.


October 28, 2020

I love my two Maplelea dolls, Taryn and Saila. Maplelea dolls are so well made as well as the accessories. I just ordered a few more outfits and can’t wait for them to arrive!


April 27, 2020

I’m an adult collector! I have Leonie and Saila! Love Saila!

Cathy Ford

April 27, 2020

5 grandchildren, 4 Maple Lea dolls, one ""boy" doll from another line, and one 8 month old princess waiting in the wings for her dolly. We are just waiting to determine Elle’s hair color. So far, she is looking like a “Ginger” so her Maple Lea doll will be too.
These dolls have proven to be the best value that someone could invest in children’s play. They are very special to all of us. The Maple Lea Spa bills can prove it!

Janice Campbell

April 27, 2020

I am an adult collector in the UK. I have over 500 dolls, I love to sewing for them. They are certainly keeping me occupied during this worldwide pandemic. I’m enjoying them even more whilst I’m self isolating. Tomorrow is my 64th birthday and I’ve got new ones through the mail ready to open as gifts from my family.

Margaret Keller

April 26, 2020

I am an adult doll collector in the USA. When I saw the Saila doll in a catalog, I knew she had to join my collection here in Minnesota. I especially like Mrs. Lee’s portrait. I just bought Saila the Royal Fair costume.


February 21, 2019

I love my doll she is so well made


November 15, 2018

I love Maplelea dolls!

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