Maplelea Girls Mother's Day Wishes

by Maplelea Staff April 28, 2021 3 min read 2 Comments

Mother's Day is almost here and the Maplelea Girls each have very special wishes for this year's Mother's Day. Moms (and aunties and grandmas) are our Super Heroes!

Léonie, is all dressed up for the special occasion of Mother’s Day.  This year she wants to  wish her mom and all the other moms who are nurses and doctors, a very special Mother’s Day.  Léonie knows from experience because every day her mom who is a medical doctor, goes in to work to care for sick people.  When she comes home, she currently stays out in a motorhome that was given to her to use during this time.  The rest of the family stands on the porch a good distance away to talk to her.  It will be hard not to hug on Mother’s Day but Léonie knows what amazing work her mom and all the healthcare and hospital workers are doing all across our country!



Lots of people have been calling Charlsea a superhero lately because she is doing her part to be socially isolating, staying safe, and helping people smile whenever she can.  Charlsea's real Canadian Superhero is her mom!  Her mom is doing her part by social distancing and taking all of the newfound responsibilities that come along with hunkering down at home, like homeschooling herself and her sister.  "It’s a Canadian Super Mom kind of Mother’s Day this year for sure!" she says, showing off her Canadian Superhero cut-out doll that she made to resemble her superhero mom.   

Taryn is all dressed up too, and her special wish is for all the moms who are working on the frontline as first responders to have a very happy Mother’s Day. Taryn says that they are always putting themselves at risk for the public's health and safety, and she wants everyone to know that "All the moms who are first responders are really super heroes every day!"   

Jenna's Mother's Day wish is a special one too. She wishes that all of the wonderful ladies who are delightful doting Aunties have a wonderful Mother’s Day. There is nothing quite like having fun Aunties, and they deserve a special "Happy Mother's Day" shoutout as well!   


Brianne holds a bouquet of pink roses as she wishes her Baba (which is grandmother in Ukrainian) and all the Grandma’s a wonderful Mother’s Day.  Brianne is grateful because her Baba lives with her and her family on their farm, and has been homeschooling her while her Mom and Grandpa Ed have been so busy working on the farm.  Brianne knows that there are many Grandmas helping out during this time of social distancing.  There are also many many Grandmas, and Great Grandmas who are isolated from their families during this time.  Brianne wants to make sure all Grandmas everywhere know that they are loved and wishes them all a special Mother’s Day.  

Alexi found a beautiful bush with the most gorgeous flowers in her favourite colour, orange!  Alexi's wish is for all of the grown up ladies out there who do not have children, nieces and nephews of their own, yet  are so loving and caring to all children.  Alexi says a special "Happy Mother’s Day to You!"  


Saila gathered a basket full of beautiful purple lilacs for her mom, which smelled wonderful! Saila's special wish is for all teachers like her mom, who have been homeschooling as well as working with their own students online during this pandemic.  "Happy Mothers Day to all the amazing teachers!"  

Happy Mother's Day to all of the amazing mothers & women out there from your friends at Maplelea! 

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May 25, 2021

I absolutely LOVE this! I have Charlsea and love her SO much. this is so kind. happy mother’s day to everyone! #MapleleaLove

Joan EM Nathanson

April 30, 2021

It was 10 years ago that I first bought Leonie for my then 4-year-old granddaughter. My son’s mother-in-law who lives in Germany has just become a first-time grandma. I have asked her to choose a Maplelea doll which one day will be given to her new granddaughter: for now, it’s a grandma-to-grandma celebratory gift. Happy Mother’s Day to Maplelea’s “Mother.” Thanks!

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