The Campers First Day at Camp Maplelea - Sunshine Coast BC

June 27, 2024 3 min read

Story and photos from Maplelea fan Shannon G., BC.

The Maplelea kids were all thrills and smiles this morning. Today was the day! They were all packed and ready to go to Camp Maplelea on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

What is the number one question on everyone’s mind when they arrive at camp? What cabin will you be in? After that excitement everyone wants to know which bunk is theirs and who their cabin mates will be for the awesome adventures ahead. Everyone then wants to know who their counsellor will be.


Taryn was hopeful that she would soon see Alexi since she was coming all the way from Toronto, Ontario. Camp Maplelea is the one place where all the Maplelea girls can gather from all corners of our great big country.  A few, moments later Alexi arrived and there were big hugs - they were so happy to see each other again!

After quickly finding their cabins and bunks, Jenna was super excited to take the boys to the climbing wall. "Isn't it epic?" she exclaimed. " Of course, on this wall we must wear a harness and helmet and there is a professional wall climbing expert to teach us.

Wow" said the boys in unison but really, they were almost speechless! Jenna piped up "We will conquer that wall". Guided by her great enthusiasm the boys were happy to join in the challenge.

Next, the campers stopped by the campfire site. Jenna seemed to know all about Camp Maplelea on the Sunshine Coast. "When it's camp campfire time in the evening, everyone from the camp comes here, the cooks and grown ups and the counsellors too. We are really loud singing songs and with actions too. So much fun!” Jenna continued, "Look everyone, turn around.” Jenna pointed at the structure in the trees. “ Yes, that's where you get onto the zip line, and you fly high above the campfire but never when the campfire is going. It’s super spectacular. I can't wait".

Poor Charlsea leaned her head against the wooded bench and in a shaky voice said .... "I'm going to faint. Look up, there is the ropes course. We live in the rain forest and get to play in the treetops at Camp Maplelea."

The first event of the day was a game with giant beach balls. The kids had to get all the beach balls into their own cabin, but they were so big, and part of the challenge was that others could take them. Skylar seemed to be the best at managing these balls. So, guess who won? Skylar's cabin of course!


After the game, the kids all gathered. Brianne, Taryn and Theo started to wonder when it would be time to eat. Jenna sauntered over, "We’ll just go over there to the dining hall, follow me." She pointed out the building with the big glass front. The bell hadn’t yet rung, and no one was lining up. Jenna told them, “You will love mealtime. There’s the food of course, but also funny announcements…and awards are given for the cleanest cabin and the best table manners."

Aleathia was all ready for pool time and the lifeguard made sure that she knew the rules before swimming.  The lifeguard gave each camper a little test and then a coloured bracelet to show their level of swimming and if they were allowed only in the shallow water or could go into the deep water.  Theo said, “I am really interested in all the beach activities!” Jenna said to Theo. “We will all be going down to the beautiful beach very soon.”

Stay tuned to more adventures and happenings at Camp Maplelea on the Sunshine Coast. Maybe you have a Camp Maplelea in your part of Canada. Wouldn't it be fun to see what you do at your Camp Maplelea?


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