Getting Outfitted at Camp Maplelea

June 11, 2024 3 min read

This is a photo story sent to us by Maplelea super-fan, Thea C. on Salt Spring Island, BC. Charlsea and Cedar-Rose (her name for her Maplelea&ME! doll KMF32) have set up the Camp Maplelea store so new campers can pick-up their official camp wear. The Maplelea Girls are are joined at Camp Maplelea by new campers Maddie (Maplelea&ME! doll KMF31) and Finn (Maplelea&ME! doll KMF38).

Charlsea and Cedar-Rose, have volunteered to help with Camp Maplelea outfit table as the campers arrive. The campers had pre-ordered all their camp outfits and the two girls had all the clothing neatly organized on the picnic table, ready for pick-up. Being organized helps to streamline all the busy activities for camp arrival day.

The first day of camp is so much fun for everyone with the reunion of old friends and the meeting of new friends.

Getting Camp Maplelea T-shirts, hoodies, and caps is always an exciting part of camp.

Saila, from Iqaluit, Nunavut, was the first to pick up her outfit choices and was so pleased with her new comfortable outfit. Saila loves mixing and matching the new Camp Maplelea outfits with her everyday clothing.

Bundles in hand, Cedar-Rose and Saila began chatting and catch up on a year's worth of happenings.

They were soon joined by Maplelea boy Finn, who had just picked up his 'Explore More' camp set. He had been looking forward to this new comfy sweatpant and hoodie set since he only brought jeans to camp.

Finn met a very stylish Léonie from Quebec at the camp entrance. He was happy to see that Léonie had brought her guitar and would be performing not only traditional campfire songs, but some of her favourite traditional French-Canadian songs. He knew that everyone would have a blast joining in.

Léonie had pre-ordered some camp gear, but since then had earned extra chore money and so wanted to get a few extra pieces.

Next, Alexi, from Toronto, Ontario arrived. She came straight from participating in  an exciting robotics competition. Her stylish brightly coloured outfit was the perfect comfy set to wear with her peachy sneakers while traveling to Camp Maplelea.


Brianne, from Sandy Lake, Manitoba, made a grand entrance in her amazing cowgirl outfit. Look at that beautifully embroidered shirt and those boots! She had just come from participating in a rodeo, not far from Camp Maplelea. While she loved her western wear, she knew that now was the time to get changed into some proper camp gear.

Brianne said hello to all of the campers and joined in on the conversations about all the new and exciting things they would be doing this summer at Camp Maplelea.


Jenna, from Lunenburg, Nova Scotia arrived at the last minute. Jenna loves boating, whether it be sailing in her family’s sailboat or going out in a traditional East Coast dory. She wondered whether this summer she might get to try out a kayak.

The new girl at camp, Maddie, just recently arrived on Salt Spring Island, was happy to get to know the original Maplelea Girls and all their friends. She was grateful that there were other new Maplelea & Me kids there besides herself. Maddie loves to mix and match her clothes--the more colourful the better. 

All the campers gathered together to talk about their plans for the weeks ahead at Camp Maplelea. They couldn't wait to try on their new camp clothes for the official start of their summer adventures. 

To be continued...!

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