A Two Family Tea Party for Mother's Day : A Photo Story

by Maplelea Staff May 13, 2019 1 min read 1 Comment

Mother’s Day is the best time ever to have a tea party.  Neighbourhood friends in BC, Addie and Gloria, who all happen to love their Maplelea dolls, decided to have a perfect Mother’s Day tea party, and invite their moms.  
Addie’s Auntie who lives just down the street was super thrilled to help the girls achieve their plan.  She even baked tiny chocolate chip cookies, and because she knew Addie doesn’t like tea, she played the fizziest joke on all of them. 
Instead of tea in the tea pot, she had pop.  That made everyone giggle because pop is not something that they are allowed too often. Gloria's little sister Hope, delighted in joining the tea party with her Alexi.    
Big sister Carly was so sweet to sit back and play her cello while all the others ate and talked. That was okay though as everyone made sure that there were sweets for Carly when she was finished her beautiful music. 
The moms were so surprised but so happy to sit at the little table and enjoy such a marvellous tea party with the girls and the dolls.

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Julie Naidich

July 23, 2019

Lucky girls and lucky moms! Thank you!

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