The Empress, Kam and Loops - Plush Goat, Sheep


  • Charlsea’s Nubian goat with her long, floppy ears and cute round nose is lovingly named ‘The Empress’ as a result of her tea-drinking incident. But did you know she has two sheep, too? Kam is the adorable white-faced sheep and Loops is the equally adorable brown-faced sheep. The journal pages describe the BC city they’re named after, as well as other wildlife you might spot there. 

    The Empress the goat is 18 cm (7") from top of head to ground and 26 cm (10") from tail to nose. Kam and Loops, the sheep, are 15 cm (6") from top of head to ground and 19 cm (7.5") from tail to nose. 

    • goat
    • two sheep
    • collectible journal page
    • blank journal page
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