The Haunted Treehouse: A Photo Story

by Maplelea Staff October 01, 2020 4 min read 3 Comments


Jenna and Charlsea were sitting in front of the fireplace, snuggling their sock monkeys and chatting away. 

"What are you going to be for Halloween?”  Jenna asked Charlsea.

“Well…” Charlsea smiled.  “I am going to be a Canadian Super Girl.  Speaking of which, you have to hear about Herman and my super girl experience in the Haunted Tree House." 

Jenna snuggled down into her Muskoka chair, as Charlsea started to tell her story.



“It was a very chilly - almost frosty - morning a couple of days ago, Kam, Loops, the Empress and I were out in the backyard getting some fresh air when we heard poor Herman moaning very pitifully.  I right away went to him and asked what was wrong." 

"It’s my head." Herman moaned in his usual woody voice.  "It feels so itchy, and I can’t think… almost like my brain is filled with cob webs."


"Hmmm..." I said as I quickly took in his situation.  I noticed the problem right away. "Herman, you seem to have a serious case of 'spideritis', not uncommon at all for this time of year.  I can help you - I'll get a broom and clean out the cobwebs and I will relocate the spiders into the hedge bush.  You will certainly feel better.”

 “Oh thank you!” said Herman “Please sweep out the treehouse too.  Something is living in it.  I don’t think it’s friendly, so do be careful.”

“Sure thing! I answered, but I am sad to say I forgot all about sweeping out the cobwebs for Herman till the next morning.  As soon as I stepped outside I remembered, and I ran straight to the treehouse and climbed up.  I was surprised to see a black broom already there leaning against the front door.  I was about to go in but I had to stop to holler at the Empress.  As usual, she was up to her shenanigans and had climbed onto the roof of the treehouse. Then I caught something move out of the corner of my eye.  I quickly turned around and there was a humongous spider headed my way! Even worse, a skeleton ghost flew towards me from the corner of the deck, and a big old skeleton crow cawed at me! This all happened at once, which startled me, so my broom flew out of my arms and I thought I was going to fall over the edge of the treehouse deck.  I hung on tight, but quickly realized that Herman was in distress. I scrambled quickly down to Herman and gave him a hug.  He was so upset that I knew right away I had to summon my super powers and return as Super Canadian Girl.  I wiped away his tear and told him that I’d be right back.  Off I ran back into the house, totally forgetting about my poor dear Empress on the roof!"


"Within moments there I was -- re-emerged as Canadian Girl with Canadian Pup!  We stood tall on the treehouse deck, fearless and brave, but we had not yet noticed the GIANT spider,  nor that poor Empress was was getting tangled in the spider's web!"

"I (Canadian Girl) turned quickly and saw that the giant spider was scaring the Empress, so I looked the spider right in the eyes entrancing it.  Then in a calm voice I told the spider to follow me.  It’s gigantic legs clicked and clattered, but somehow it made it’s way down, back onto the ladder.  All the while I was brave as Canadian Girl, and never left it’s gaze. I was telling it that it should love it’s new home, the bushes, and not to stay in the treehouse. Canadian Pup and I let the spider follow us all the way to the thorny rose bush. We found the tunnel into the bush, and the spider even let me (Canadian Girl) pat her on back as she passed. She must've been thankful to find a nice new home.  Not only did the giant spider leave the tree house, but so did all the other spiders, ghosts and creepy crawlies.  It was a fun spooky parade into the bush, and once they all were passed, I stood in front the tunnel passageway and declared it closed.  Whew!

Back at the treehouse, the Empress was freed from her tangled web, and Herman was cheering 'Hooray for Canadian Girl and Canadian Pup!' And that's the end of my story!"  

"Woah, Charlsea!”  Jenna gasped  “That is a most frightful tale, I am so glad Herman and the Empress have you to keep them safe!"

“Well, ” laughed Charlsea,  “the treehouse did get full of spiders and Herman was upset … but I actually made up the scary story while I was sweeping and cleaning out the treehouse.  I really do want to be a Canadian Girl for Halloween though,  I think I can be a super Canadian Girl every day just by doing good things.  Like relocating the spider in my story - they are good for the ecosystem and  relocating it is doing a good thing.  Being kind is also another super hero trait.  Sometimes Herman’s moaning is so awful to hear but being kind to him and helping him is a good thing.  I think if I am constantly thinking of ways to do good, and to help our plants, animals, and people, I can truly be a Super Canadian Girl. Come on, now you have to see mine and Kootenay’s costumes!” 

“You are going to be the most terrific Canadian Girl ever!”  Jenna smiled as she admired Charlsea's fun cape.

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November 22, 2020

I love this story! It’s great that it was supposed to be a scary story but ended up with Charlsea doing a good deed!
Keep up the good work!


October 04, 2020

Awesome story! I love the bedroom decor!!


October 28, 2019

Wonderful story Charlsea! and your first good deed was to clean out the old cobwebs (and free the Empress). I too find that getting good things done stimulates the imagination, lets creativity loose, so fun begins! And now Im day-dreaming of having the Maplelea Super-Canadian Girl costume to work for me all year round – when we’re being activists for fixing stuff that needs a bit of fixing. So, thank you Charlesea for inspiring us – and Jenna for being there as a friend to get the whole story out of Charlsea! (PS – I love the rainbow silks garland, and the fireplace)

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