Curling Set with Shoes


  • Did you know curling is played all over the world but remains most popular here in Canada? This table-top curling playset has 8 weighted stones with ball bearings that glide across the smooth-as-ice plastic sheet. It is accompanied by a 16-page booklet that explains the history and rules of the game, including profiles of some famous Canadian curlers. Perfect for one or more players, it even includes a pair of curling shoes with sliders and grippers for your Maplelea Girl or Friend!

    The curling sheet is 119.5 cm (47") long x 28 cm (11") wide. 

    • 8 curling stones
    • curling sheet
    • 2 magnetic bars
    • 2 surface cleaners
    • storage bag
    • booklet
    • rules and instructions
    • curling shoes
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