Saila Doll, Outfit, Story Journal, and Keepsake Box


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  • Saila's outfit blends contemporary style with her proud Inuit heritage. Her gathered neck t-shirt with an embroidered maple leaf gets an added layer of warmth from the zip-up vest. Her dark silver jeans have a subtle sparkle so that they glisten like new-fallen snow. On her feet she has traditional kamiik with embroidered felt socks.

    This premium quality doll is 46cm (18 inches) tall with a soft, huggable body and poseable arms and legs. Her eyes open and close.

    Saila's 64-page story journal expands to include the extra journal pages that come with each outfit, all of which are tri-lingual - English, French and Inuktitut, and includes an extensive glossary as well as questions, blanks and prompts so you can tell your story too.

    Everything is enclosed in a beautiful, newly re-designed keepsake window box that you can use to hold Saila's accessories. 

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    Over two years of extensive research went into the creation of Saila Qilavvaq. Visit our blog to LEARN MORE about the process behind bringing this Inuit character to life.

    • Saila doll
    • t-shirt
    • vest
    • jeans
    • kamiik (boots with embroidered felt socks)
    • story journal
    • keepsake storage box with window
Meet Saila Doll, Outfit, Story Journal, and Keepsake Box


My name is Saila Qilavvaq and I live the furthest north!

My home is in Iqaluit, Nunavut. I speak English and Inuktitut and am proud of my Inuit heritage. I love wearing my traditional amauti, kamiik and Pang hat, and eating country foods, pizza and my grandma's bannock and crowberry jam.

Our family likes to go to our camp in all seasons. In summer when the ice is gone, we travel up the coast by boat, and in winter we all pile into the qamutiik that Dad pulls with the snowmobile.

Someday I would like to be a fashion designer and create modern clothing with an Inuit flair! I am so excited — I am getting a new puppy! He is almost all white and so I named him Nanuq, which means polar bear.

Extensive research went into the creation of Saila. Visit The Making of Saila page to learn more about the process of developing our Maplelea Girl from Nunavut.

The Making of Saila

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