Highland Dance Outfit for 18 Inch Dolls


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  • Nova Scotia means New Scotland. Many people in that province and, indeed, other parts of Canada too, are proud of their Scottish heritage. Jenna is carrying on the traditions of her dad's family by learning to Highland dance. She finds that it is amazing exercise for the body and the brain! In her journal pages, Jenna talks about the traditional Highland dance outfit and tells two fun stories about the possible origins of Highland dancing.

    This complete highland dance set includes the blouse, vest, kilt, stockings and ghillies!

    Shown on Maplelea dolls, sold separately.

  • If you would like to adapt this outfit for a boy doll, add the white shirt from KM195 Festive Finery.  (Black tie was custom made by customer.)
    • tartan kilt
    • white ruffled blouse
    • velvet vest
    • tartan stockings
    • ghillies (shoes)
    • collectible journal page
    • blank journal page
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