Remembrance Day in Class : A Fan Photo Story

by Maplelea Staff November 06, 2020 1 min read 3 Comments

Remembrance Day is a special time to reflect. Here is a wonderful photo story about Remembrance Day activities in the classroom. 


Charlsea is presenting her "What is A Hero" project in school.  She found that topic was befitting as she just was a super "Canadian Girl" for Halloween, so she has thought a lot about what a hero is. 

Annie is working at her desk on her Flanders Field reflections.

Brianne works on her report "what I will be thinking about during the moment of silence", after the trumpet player plays. 



3 Responses


December 03, 2020

I loved how all of the girls celebrated something so sad during such a hard time.
Lest we forget


November 07, 2020

Thank you! This post has inspired me and my kids to create our own projects. We printed them to doll scale while playing with the dolls and discussing what Remembrance Day means to all of us. We have plans to make a few mini-poppies for the dolls too. Thanks for creating these posts and helping us build new activities for the kids during this pandemic.

Tessa Smith

July 09, 2020

It is wonderful! I love Brianne’s “what I will be thinking about during the moment of silence.” On rememberance day I was thinking the same thing!

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