Fun with Friends - A Winter Story

by Kathryn Morton January 11, 2023 1 min read

A Photo Story submitted by two young Maplelea fans, Caitlin C. and Zoe L. of Ontario.

Winter is coming and kids need to stay active!  In Ontario where my doll Alexi and I live, we like to do indoor and outdoor activities with our friends.  

Alexi and her best friend Chad love to be active with sports.  Alexi does gymnastics and Chad plays soccer (like me!). Chad’s favourite thing to do in soccer are “keep-ups” with the ball. Alexi’s favourite stunts are to flip off her trampoline and then do the splits. 

girl doll doing gymnastics and boy doll playing soccer

When they are done, they want to go outside for some fresh air. They decide to go for outdoors for a hike.

Girl doll and boy doll walking in the snow

Then they see white, fresh, fluffy snow and thought now is a good time to make snow angels!

 Boy doll and girl doll making snow angels.

While on their walk, they found a big hill to go sliding down on a toboggan!   

two dolls on a toboggan in the snow

They got cold outside, so they went inside their house to start decorating the Christmas tree where Santa will leave the presents.  

 Canadian boy doll decorating Christmas tree.Canadian girl doll decorating Christmas tree.

They worked up a big appetite so they went out for dinner.  Alexi wore her new outfit.   

Boy doll and girl doll having dinner.


After a busy day of having so much fun, they decided they’d hit the hay in some cozy pyjamas.

 Two dolls on a bunk bed.

The End.

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