Maplelea Wins Award!

April 12, 2017 1 min read

Maplelea has won an award from the Canadian safe boating council for promoting PFD wear and safe boating to Canada’s next generation of boaters.

Maplelea’s kayak and PFD accessory pack are more than just toys. CASB has recognized them as an effective way to engage children in safe boating practices.

Maplelea promotes fun and creative play. But, our mission is also to encourage girls to lead healthy, active lifestyles. Our dolls are designed to be positive role models. Hence, our characters always follow the same safety rules as real girls should follow—and that means, when you are in a boat, you wear a PFD or lifejacket!

The journal pages that accompany the Ride the Tide accessory pack (PFD and watershoes) and Charlsea’s kayak, both weave safe boating information in to the fun story being told. Wear a lifejacket, leave a trip plan with someone on shore, and be aware of weather conditions are just a few of the ideas presented in the journal pages.

Maplelea—more than just a toy!

President of Maplelea, Kathryn Morton receives her award!

Maplelea President, Kathryn Gallagher Morton accepts the CSBC’s Marine Industry award at their recent gala event in the image on the right. 

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