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Get Crafty for St. Patrick's Day!

by Holly Collins March 12, 2021 3 min read 3 Comments

St. Patrick's Day is only days away and our Maplelea girl Jenna is determined to "catch a leprechaun"!  She has called in all the help she can get with all of the Maplelea Girls and friends helping her to build a new trap! Join Jenna in creating a fun "Leprechaun Trap" for some St. Patrick's Day fun. 

What Supplies Will You Need?
  • Potato chip tubes x 2 
  • Two bird cage ladders (can be purchased from a dollar store or craft supply store) OR you can make your own ladder from popsicle sticks!
  • Colour craft paper, stickers, ribbon - whatever you want to decorate with!
  • Pencil crayons
  • A strong tape, to tape the tubes together with, or masking tape and scotch tape

Hi Everybody! I’m Jenna McAllister and I am so excited about the month of March, as soon it will be Saint Patrick’s Day.  You see this guy here…. well he’s a decoration Leprechaun that you see in many shops these days. I intend on catching a real one this year, so I am going to build a trap! I thought maybe you would like to make one too, so I will show you how I’ll do it!
First off, I have decided to catch my leprechaun in a good strong well.  So I got these potato chip containers, but you could use any kind of tubular container.  I am going to put 2 together because I do not want any chance of the leprechaun climbing out.
I also have scissors, pencil crayons and three kinds of tape.  Strong duct tape, painting green painting tape, and scotch tape.  The strong duct tape will do a good job at keeping the cylinder tubes together.
Since my trap will be tall, the leprechaun will need a ladder to climb up.  I got 2  bird cage ladders from the local dollar store. (You can also make your own ladder out of popsicle sticks!)  I plan to use the strong tape to affix the ladders together to make one big long ladder.
Now, we decorate! I have the craft paper and ribbons.  We have lots of craft things around our house, and my mom even has  scrap pieces of paper. You can use any kind of ribbons and fancy tapes.  Look around your house and you can find all kinds of interesting things to decorate with!  Preferably green, as  leprechauns are particularly attracted to green things!
Most importantly, you need leprechaun treats and fake gold!  I was lucky, I have saved fake gold from past years, but you can find fake gold or use any kind of yummy treats! 
That is basically everything I will need to make my special leprechaun trap.  My Maplelea friends are all coming over to help build the trap!
 We start out by cutting all of our different kinds of paper into strips.  We made each strip just long enough to encircle the tube and be taped on.  We used the light green paper strips to make our own drawings! Did you know that a shamrock is different than a four leaf clover? A shamrock has only three leaves and you can draw them easily by making each leaf look like a heart.  I thought Theo was drawing  Easter eggs at first, but after a bit I saw he was drawing gold coins.  I told him that we must put his strip near the top.  That will help encourage the leprechaun to go all the way to the top!
It was so fun to get our trap all covered with decorative strips of paper. Then we had more fun adding some sparkly tape and green flowers.  We took the hooks out of one of the bird cage ladders and used the strong tape to hold both pieces together.  I think this trap is truly going to catch a leprechaun !
Our leprechaun trap is all done...Tah Dah!  Now it’s time to take it outside and set it up.  I think we all did an amazing job.  
When we got outside, Theo thought of a great illusion.  He used a pipe cleaner and taped fake money on it and had it dangling on the top of the trap. I climbed up with Theo to the top of the nearby stump and everyone handed us the fake pot of gold and treats. and we placed all of the pieces so it looked like they were falling into the tube. Alexi took pictures and we could see that the illusion worked!
  I am so excited.  I think that we are for sure going to catch a leprechaun this St. Patricks Day.
Show us what you come up with! 

3 Responses


March 30, 2021

This is so cool.

Gail Orr

March 30, 2021

This is ingenious. What a great idea. I have seen a few leprechaun traps in my days but this one is the best.

Carole Cummings

March 30, 2021

Excellent leprechaun trap. What a great Saint Patrick’s day craft. Now, did they catch a leprechaun?
Love the idea.

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