Winner's Circle, Trophy and Awards Play Set


  • Everyone is a winner with this fantastic set! Celebrate athletic or dance competitions, pet shows or academic achievements. Set includes gold, silver and bronze medals which are on Maplelea ribbon, 3 award buttons, 3 bouquets of flowers and a trophy. The set comes in a sturdy keepsake box and includes journal pages that talk about some medal winning Canadians.

  • Perfect for any sort of competition or achievement in gymnastics, karate, ballet, dance, team sports, horse show, pet show, school work, etc.!

    The award buttons, flowers and trophy all fit perfectly in the hands of Maplelea dolls.

    • 1 gold medal
    • 1 silver medal
    • 1 bronze medal
    • 3 award buttons
    • 3 bouquets of flowers
    • 1 trophy
    • sturdy keepsake box
    • blank journal page
    • collectible journal page
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