Saila's Kuspuk - Traditional Inuit Garment


  • Saila's dad is an Inuit guide in Canada's north.  He led an expedition in the Yukon, and brought back for Saila this kuspuk,a garment traditional to Inuit in the Western Arctic.  Saila was delighted with her gift!

  • A kuspuk is often worn over winter clothing, or it can be worn in the summer over a light layer of clothing to protect against the sun and bugs.

  • This doll garment is sized to fit over Saila's starter outfit, including her polar fleece vest, but she can also wear it over just a tshirt and jeans.

  • The garment is fully lined.  Traditionally a kuspuk is just pulled on over the head.  We have added a Velcro opening in the back to make it easier to put on the doll.

  • The floral print is reminiscent of the Purple Saxifrage and yellow Arctic Draba flowers that bloom on the Arctic tundra during the brief summer months.
  • The included journal pages tell the history and traditions of the kuspuk.  It is also known as a qaspeq which translates to "cloth over parka".
  • Shown on KS1 Saila doll dressed in her starter outfit, including her polar fleece vest underneath her kuspuk.

    • Kuspuk
    • Collectible journal page
    • Blank journal page
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