Nukilik and Nanuq, Inuit Dogs


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    Nukilik is the mom dog and can be posed in many positions. Nanuq is the soft, cuddly puppy that fits in the back of Saila's amauti. Both dogs come with personalized collars. The Inuit Dog is a breed similar to the Husky Dog and has traditionally been used to pull sleds in Canada's north.

    The Qamutiik (traditional sled) is sold separately and comes with a harness to fit Nukilik.

    Nukilik is 22 cm (8.5") from top of head to ground and 35 cm (14") from tail to nose. Nanuq is 12 cm (5") from top of head to ground and 18 cm (7") from tail to nose. 

    • Nukilik the mom dog
    • Nukilik's personalized collar
    • Nanuq the puppy
    • Nanuq's personalized collar
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