Harmony Bedding


  • Léonie's love of music shows in this colourful striped comforter with appliquéd guitar. The comforter is also a sleeping bag! Includes bottom sheet with pleated dust ruffle, covered mattress, pillow and pillowcase.

    Fits perfectly on KM1 Maplelea bed and KM78 Slumber Lounger.  Use just the sleeping bag, covered foam mattress and pillow for sleepovers or in KM11 Pop Up Tent.

    Shown on KM1 Maplelea doll bed sold separately.

    The comforter measures 37 cm (14.5”) x 45 cm (17.5”). The pillow measures 13.5 cm (5.5”) x 19.5 cm (7.5”). The fitted sheet with dust ruffle measures 51 cm (20”) x 51 cm (20”). The mattress measures 26 cm (10”) x 51 cm (20”). 

    • comforter/sleeping bag
    • bottom sheet with dust ruffle
    • covered mattress
    • pillow
    • pillowcase
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