Chinook Brianne's Welsh Pony


  • Brianne's Welsh pony, Chinook, has galloped onto the scene. He is made of soft plush, and he can be posed! He comes with a beautiful leather-like saddle, a bridle and a saddle blanket. The reversible saddle blanket is constructed of a super soft plush on one side and a denim on the other. Both sides of the blanket are embroidered with silver horseshoes. Chinook’s legs can be posed in various positions due to a jointed plastic ‘skeleton’.

    Includes journal pages about how to care for your Chinook.

    Chinook measures 42 cms (16.5 inches) from the top of his head to the ground, and 52 cms (20.5 inches) from the nose to the rump.

    • pony
    • saddle
    • bridle
    • reversible saddle blanket
    • collectible journal page
    • blank journal page
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