My name is Saila Qilavvaq 
and I live the furthest north!

My home is in Iqaluit, Nunavut. I speak English and Inuktitut and am proud of my Inuit heritage. I love wearing my traditional amauti, kamiik and Pang hat, and eating country foods, pizza and my grandma's bannock and crowberry jam.

Our family likes to go to our camp in all seasons. In summer when the ice is gone, we travel up the coast by boat, and in winter we all pile into the qamutiik that Dad pulls with the snowmobile.

Someday I would like to be a fashion designer and create modern clothing with an Inuit flair! I am so excited — I am getting a new puppy! He is almost all white and so I named him Nanuq, which means polar bear.

Extensive research went into the creation of Saila. Visit The Making of Saila page to learn more about the process of developing our Maplelea Girl from Nunavut.