A Perfect Painted Pumpkin Craft!

by Holly Collins October 05, 2021 2 min read 4 Comments

Real Pumpkins are so much fun at Halloween time!  There are so many things you can do with them, and the very fun teeny-tiny ones are the perfect size for your Maplelea Doll!  Too tiny to carve, but the perfect size to paint or draw on a fun face.  You can usually get these mini pumpkins at your local grocery store in the produce section.


What will you need?

  • Mini pumpkins
  • Craft paint
  • Mod podge (sealer)
  • Small paint brushes
  • Or you can also use markers instead of paint to draw the face

Preparing your space:


  • Instead of having your doll do the craft with you, perhaps think of your doll's personality and create your craft on your own so that you can surprise her with your final painted pumpkin! 
  • Lay down newspaper on your work surface so you don’t mess up the table or space that you are working on (tip: if your adults have a big old button up shirt that they don’t want anymore, you can put it on backwards to use as a smock, to help keep your clothes clean!)
  • Use a place in your home where you can leave your artwork to dry in steps.  
  • Be sure not to let your doll near your work, as you do not want to get any paint on her!

Let's Get Creative! 

  1. Take your little pumpkin and paint on the mod podge to give it a total painted cover.  It will look white, but it will dry clear. This will give your pumpkin a nice shine as well as keep it protected.  Then walk away,  maybe read your doll's journal and find out her favourite colours, and imagine how she would make the pumpkin if she were doing it. Waiting time will take at least a half an hour before you can begin the fun part of painting the face!
  2. Once your pumpkin is dry, you can use a pencil to lightly draw the face on your pumpkin before you begin painting. No need to rush!  Plan out the colours you are using and be sure to make sure one colour is truly dry before you use another colour.  Work slowly and walk away to let it dry often. 
  3. Once your pumpkin face is all painted and your paint is dry, paint on the mod podge again and only paint over the face (the part you painted).  This will lock in the paint colours and help it to not rub off on anything else, as well as give it a nice shine.  Note: you never need thick coats of mod podge, just enough to cover, and it will dry clear.
  4. Let it dry! If your finished pumpkin feels a bit sticky, that means the mod podge is not fully dry yet.  It is a very good idea to wait until it is absolutely dry before you show your painted pumpkin to your doll.
Jenna  of course has the biggest pumpkin and she is very proud!  


Brianne loves pink, so she painted her squishy pumpkin two shades of pink.   


Artistic Taryn, decided to make 2 pumpkins! She made such a funny face on one of her pumpkins! 


All of the Maplelea Girls had so much fun making their own pumpkins.

We hope that you have some fun and create your own mini-pumpkins! 

4 Responses


October 21, 2021

love it me and leonie, willa and amara loved doing this diy


September 01, 2021

This is my favorite blog post! I read it over and over again! Lol💞💖💗


November 03, 2020

That is so cute! Me and my sister got mini (fake) pumpkins from the dollar store.

Carole Cummings

October 31, 2020

I love love the painting of the pumpkins! Of course Brianne’s is girly girly pink!

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