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Maplelea Girls stand in front of a Canadian landscape

One summer Taryn, Brianne, Alexi and Jenna happened to meet during an incredible adventure they’ll never forget. Before returning to their hometowns across Canada, they pledged to remain friends forever. They even chose a name for themselves — the Maplelea Girls!

Then, Léonie from Quebec City, Saila from Iqaluit, and Charlsea from the West Coast joined the group. In their hometowns and in places across Canada, the Maplelea Girls continue to explore their country, have adventures, help out, make friends and have fun! 

Learn all about them in their 64-page story journals. While they are all very different people with different interests, talents, and dreams for the future, they will always remain friends, and share their adventures with each other … and with you. There is space to share your own story too!

Each of the 7 Maplelea Girls comes with a 64-page story journal in which she shares details about her life and the part of Canada she calls home. Bring her story to life with outfits and accessories designed just for her!

Learn more about any of the Maplelea Girls below: