Charlsea Doll & Accessories Bundle (With FREE Sleeping Bag Set and PJ Set)


Charlsea is our Maplelea Canadian Girl who lives on Salt Spring Island on BC's wet coast.  She enjoys kayaking, gardening and taking care of her two sheep, Kam and Loops, and her goat, The Empress.

The Collecton includes the Charlsea doll and everything needed to share in her adventures.

This set includes:

  • KC1 Charlsea Doll, Outfit, Story Journal and Keepsake Box  $115
  • KC2 Mixed Bag Jacket and Backpack  $27
  • KC9 West Coast Waterwear - Bathing Suit and Wet Suit  $26
  • KC11 Kayak Set $70
  • KC20 Grand Connections Sweater Outfit $29
  • KC25 The Empress, Kam and Loops - Plush Goat, 2 Sheep  $30. 
  • KC58  Salt Spring Sock Set for Girls and Dolls  $10
  • KM139 Pacific Paddler Lifejacket and Water Shoes  $26
  • KM140 Blue Sunglasses $8
  • KC7 Sea Otter PJs, stuffie, and slippers for Dolls $30  FREE with the Collection
  • KC18 Good Morning Sunshine Bedding/Sleeping bag, mattress and pillow  $30  FREE with the Collection

All outfits come separately packaged in their original blue boxes with the corresponding journal pages that will fit in the story journal that comes with the included doll.

The price of $341 includes FREE Sleeping Bag Set and Sea Otter PJs Set!


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