My Name is Brianne Kovac.
I am from farm country, Manitoba.

People say I am a 'study in contrasts', but don't let my penchant for pink and pretty things fool you — I've got big dreams and lots of determination! When I grow up I want to be a farmer like my Mom, or a ballerina...or both!

I belong to 4-H and love all our farm animals — my Welsh pony named Chinook, our black and white dairy cows, our dogs Go-fer and Crocus, Hoppit and her bunnies, and, of course, Fingers, our barn cat.

On our farm there is my mom, my older brother and my grandparents, Baba and Gigi. Baba’s perogies and holubtsi (cabbage rolls) are to die for! I celebrate my Ukrainian heritage by dancing in the big Ukrainian Festival in Dauphin every year.