School Set


  • The Maplelea School Set has been thoughtfully designed to provide hours of interactive and educational fun for you and your dolls. Take turns playing ‘teacher’ and work your way through the all-Canadian curriculum using the magnetic activities and worksheets provided.

    Create a welcoming environment for your students by crafting a daily ‘Welcome’ message for your school marquee and customizing your classroom decorations.

    Make sure to tidy your classroom at the end of the day by putting your worksheets, folders and activities away in the cabinets, recycling and waste receptacles provided. Plus, the cabinets fit neatly into the built-in storage slots!

    Shown with KM136 School Desk and Locker Set.

    Check out our video showing all the great pieces included with this School Set.

    • Everything shown in the photos and video EXCEPT the doll with outfit, school desk and locker.
    • Fold out classroom with built-in storage slots and clock with movable hands
    • 1 filing cabinet with 3 drawers containing 6 worksheet pocket folders, 6 file folders and teacher's worksheet answer booklet
    • 1 teacher's desk with three subject bins, recycling bin and waste bin
    • 1 bookcase with 3 subject bins
    • 1 bilingual school marquee with magnetic words to customize the message
    • 4 magnetic borders for seasonal classroom displays
    • 4 slide-in classroom "window views"
    • 6 bilingual magnetic activities
    • 6 bilingual subject banners
    • 6 bilingual classroom lessons
    • 6 copies of 6 different bilingual worksheets per subject (36 pages per subject, 216 pages total)
    • 6 bilingual copies of report cards, attendance forms, timetable and 3 different achievement awards
    • 6 blank workbooks
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