Maplelea Gymnastics Set - Seconds


  • NOTE: This set is identical to the regular Gymnastics Set except that some of the foam pieces may have imperfections.  The imperfections won't affect the play value and most people wouldn't even notice them.  But, our eagle-eyed Quality Control person noticed them and so we are offering these sets at a discount.  All other pieces in the set conform to Maplelea's usual extremely high quality standards.

    This 4-piece gymnastics set includes a ‘mini-tramp’, balance beam, foam ‘cheese’ (wedge that can be converted into a crash mat) and 4 foam floor mats.  The set can be configured in various ways to provide hours of bouncing, vaulting, flipping and balancing fun!  Learn more about the sport of gymnastics and the skills to be developed, in the 16-page booklet that accompany this activity set.

  • Shown with KA1 Alexi doll wearing KA46 Personal Best (including bag), sold separately.

    The mini-tramp is 23 cm (9") long x 23 cm (9") wide x 12.5 cm (5") high. The balance beam is 60 cm (23.5") long x 5 cm (2") wide x 4 cm (1.5") high. The cheese is 84.5 cm (33") long x 25.5 cm (10") wide x 10 cm (4") high. The floor mats are 41.5 cm (16.5") long x 25.5 cm (10") wide.

    • mini-tramp
    • balance beam
    • cheese
    • 4 floor mats
    • 16-page booklet
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