Taryn's Butterfly-Filled Birthday!

by Holly Collins October 21, 2021 1 min read 3 Comments

October 21st is our Maplelea Girl Taryn's Birthday!

First thing in the morning, Taryn wakes up and gets a present (usually it's a special birthday outfit from her mom & dad). This year, Boulder was excited to help her open it, and Taryn was equally excited when she got a brand new bright and fun sweater set called "Jaunty Jacquard".  She couldn't wait to put it on - the bright colours made her so happy.

Taryn's Birthday wake-up with Boulder and presents!

Taryn's mom loves making her birthday special, and this year, Taryn chose a beautiful butterfly-themed birthday, even though her birthday is not in butterfly season.  Taryn's mom also got her to use her artistic abilities for her party to create a beautiful giant wall-sized butterfly photo feature wall for all her guests to get pictures in front of.  

Taryn's homemade photo wall of a butterfly

Taryn had a fun get-together with her school friends, Nicole and Shannon later on. They came over to help celebrate, and Taryn's mom surprised her by also posting special birthday greetings from all her wonderful Maplelea Friends, alongside her butterfly drawings.

Taryn's special birthday wishes wall

During her party, her present from her parents was a brand new funky and functional snowsuit! Perfect timing! Autumn is here, and winter will be here soon. 

Taryn gets a cool gift of a bright & fun snowsuit

And most amazingly, a BUTTERFLY cake! Taryn thought it was the most beautiful cake she had ever seen, and she didn't even want to eat it, because it was so pretty - almost magical.

Taryn's Butterfly Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday, Taryn!
How are you celebrating Taryn's birthday? 

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November 08, 2021

I have Charlsea, but I love how Taryn celebrated her birthday! I love the butterfly theme! Great job! Keep up the great work!


November 03, 2021

I love it! We’ll probably celebrate for going a hike in the woods, then coming home and having cake! Boulder will come too.

Sam & Taryn

November 03, 2021

This is so cute! I have Taryn and a Maplelea friend named Juila. My sister has Jenna. We celebrated Taryn’s birthday with my friends families traditional mystery party. My friend has a Maplelea friend aslo. We dressed our dolls up as historical figures. There was Ruth Bader Ginsberg, Emily Murphy, Laura Secord, Nellie Mcclung and Irene Parlby.

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