Alexi Visits Canada's Oldest Chinatown in Victoria, BC.

by Kathryn Morton January 22, 2024

Maplelea doll Alexi visits Canada's oldest Chinatown located in Victoria, BC, Canada.
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Maplelea Kids Go Skating in Maple Ridge, BC!

by Kathryn Morton January 22, 2024

The Maplelea kids were delighted to find the lake frozen so smooth and clear.  They grabbed their skates and went for some skating fun!
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Maplelea Photo Contest 2024 - Open now!

by Maplelea Staff January 22, 2024

Show us your Maplelea adventures! Submit photos of your kids' adventures, and you could win up to a $50 Maplelea Store Credit for each ph...
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Celebrate Chinese New Year!

by Kathryn Morton January 17, 2024

Chinese New Year is happening February 10th this year! How can you celebrate? Make a fun craft along with us!
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Gingerbread Cookies at Home! A Fan Photo Story + RECIPE!

by Kathryn Morton November 19, 2023

Charlsea and Brianne bake gingerbread cookies as a fun activity during the Christmas Holidays! A fun fan story with recipe!
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Real Canadian Girl Music Video

by Kathryn Morton June 01, 2023

We invite you to sing along with Juno award-winning Jessie Farrell to the Maplelea remake of Stompin’ Tom’s Canadian Classic, Real Canad...
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Battle of the Dolls

by Maplelea Staff March 01, 2022

How does a homegrown pure play take on an American giant? By doing the one thing that giant can’t – be unabashedly Canadian! 
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Jenna and Brianne's "Two W’s" Weekend

by Kathryn Morton January 15, 2021

Follow along with this fun fan photo story with Jenna as she tells you the story of her "Two W's"!
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Maplelea Fan Photography Gallery

by Maplelea Staff April 16, 2020

Maplelea fans, young and old, love to take pictures of their dolls in action, amid our beautiful Canadian scenery. To submit your photos ...
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YOU as a Maplelea Doll!

by Maplelea Staff April 06, 2020

YAY! It's another fun "At Home With Maplelea" activity. We want to see YOU as a Maplelea Doll!
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Taryn's Visit to the Ranch in Fort St. John

by Maplelea Staff September 19, 2019

Megan’s grandparents went away on a holiday and left their cattle ranch in northern BC, close to Fort St. John, in the hands of Megan and...
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