March Break Ideas!

by Maplelea Staff March 12, 2018 7 min read 3 Comments

It's that time of year again! March Break is upon us and we know that sometimes it can be difficult to plan new and interesting things to do, so we have compiled a fun list for you.


  1. Hold your own Mini Doll Olympics.

     You and your friends can dress your dolls up in their sports gear and have competitions. Skating, hockey, ringette, karate, soccer or whatever! Use different sizes of boxes, or stack books, to make a three-level podium for the winners.  If you have the Maplelea Winner’s Circle Set, you can use the ribbons, awards, trophies and flowers to award after the competition at the podium ceremony.


  1. Go skiing or snowboarding.

    If you are lucky enough to have a ski hill within driving distance, take a quick day trip and enjoy the slopes. Most ski resorts will have lots of fun extra activities going on over March break as well, so get outside! Never been on skis or a snowboard before? This is a great time to try something new and active with the family. Maplelea dolls love travelling in your Maplelea backpack when you are cross country skiing!

 Maplelea March Break Ideas - Skating, Doll Olympics and Skiing

  1. Go ice skating.

    Indoor rink, outdoor skating pad, your friend’s backyard rink…wherever. Play a game of shinny with your family, cousins or friends or try out some new spins and turns. If you live in Southern or Central Ontario (or anywhere, really, if you are up for a road trip!) check out the Rideau Canal in Ottawa – the largest naturally frozen skating rink in the world (as designated by the Guinness Book of World Records). Or the Arrowhead Provincial Park Skating Trail, Ontario's longest man-made ice trail. Live in or near Edmonton? Try out the famous Victoria Park IceWay, a three-loop skating trail wrapping through the majestic forests of Victoria Park. St. John’s? Try the loop in Bannerman Park. Just make sure to check the outdoor rinks & trails’ websites before heading out as weather conditions dictate if they will be open or not.


  1. Book an overnight getaway.

    Is there an interesting little town you have been excited to check out, but haven’t had the time? Check in to a hotel and enjoy a mini-break. Getting away for even just one night is a great way to explore and keep it affordable. Pick a new place you haven’t yet visited…bonus points if it has an indoor pool so you can pretend summer is here already!  Don’t forget to take along your Maplelea doll, her PJs and her bedding.  The Maplelea sleeping bags/comforters, covered mattresses and pillows can be used with or without the bed so they are great to take along for sleepovers.


  1. Go to the Movies.

    An oldie, but a goodie! Pick a movie that you and your family have been talking about and grab some popcorn. Try out a 3D experience or even go all out and go to an imax if you have one nearby.


  1. Make your own movie theatre experience at home.

    Don’t feel like trekking to the theatre? Make your own! Pick a movie and make it feel like a theatre.  You need popcorn (of course), drinks and tickets! Close the curtains and turn off the lights. Have the kids show the adults to their seats using a flashlight like a real usher. Click here to download our movie theatre ticket craft, print them out, colour/decorate them, and use them for admission to your family theatre. Don’t forget to make a place for your dolls to sit so they can enjoy the movie too!


  1. Try a new sport.

    Check out your town gym’s drop-in sports schedule, and pick something new to try  –  basketball, badminton, swimming class. Or get outside and try out snowshoeing! Have you ever played hockey with your friends before? Make a team and play some shinny! 


  1. Write in your Maplelea doll’s journal.

    Now’s a great time to read or re-read your doll’s journal.  And, you can fill in all those blanks that have been waiting for you.  What to write on the blank pages?  It’s up to you.  You can make up stories featuring your doll, or you can keep a record of all the things you do, or places you go, with your doll.  Some day when you are older you will love looking back to see what you have written.  Need a replacement journal, or more blank pages?  Check out this section of our website.


  1. Visit a local museum, science centre or art gallery.

    All local museums, science centres and galleries will have some cool events and activities over March Break. Science World in Vancouver is featuring interactive drop-in activities in the Tinkering Space, pop-up demonstrations by Parks Canada, and The Science of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Or channel your inner Maud Lewis with a March Break art class at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. Check out your local museum, gallery or science centre websites for what they have going on.


  1. Bake something and have a tea party with your dolls.

    March Break is a great time to get busy in the kitchen! Dust off those measuring cups and find a new recipe to try. For a doll-size cake, make a cupcake or use your smallest cookie cutters to make doll-size cookies.  Just make sure that your doll watches from a safe distance because you don’t want any sticky stuff getting in her hair or eyes. For a full tea party, grab your Time for Tea Set for your dolls, and your favourite cups and saucers. Don’t feel like baking?  The Maplelea Set has the “cake” already made! Plus all the cutlery, plates and napkins you need for a great tea party or celebration. 


  1. Go tobogganing.

    If you still have snow where you live, find a local hill and participate in one of our favourite Canadian pastimes. Don’t forget your helmet! Or take your doll tobogganing indoors with the Maplelea toboggan.


  1. Celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

    End or start March Break, depending on your school’s schedule, with a St. Patrick’s Day parade on March 17. Get some friends together and dress up in every bit of green clothing they have!  Don’t forget to dress your dolls all in green too!  Be crafty and make a doll-size pot of gold, or how about a Leprechaun’s hat?  You can do that by covering a single size yogurt container with colour-fast green craft paper.  Put a black band and create a buckle using tin foil.  Craft Note: How do you tell if your craft-paper is colour-fast?  Put a little bit of water on it and blot it with a white paper towel.  Is there any colour on your paper towel?  If so, don’t use that paper for doll crafts.  If your paper towel stayed white—you are good to go.  Get crafting!


  1. Dance party at home.

    Dress your doll and yourself in dance gear, crank up your favourite dancin’ songs and boogie the day away! Kids can try to choreograph a show for parents, or try to create funny dance moves or a routine for you and your dolls! Bonus: Moms and dads can teach kids the best moves from their childhood! Moonwalk or Running Man anyone?  Or grandparents, how about that Mashed Potato or the Twist?


  1. Have a Maplelea Doll Photo shoot.

    Grab your Maplelea Girls and Friends and have a photo shoot! Take photos of what you are doing this March Break with your dolls and enter it in our upcoming Annual Maplelea Photo Contest. Or, dress your dolls and pose them in interesting scenes and submit the photos to our Fan Photography page.  

    Note: The Annual Maplelea Photo Contest is for photos of children and dolls doing things together.  The Contest will open later in the Spring but you can start taking photos now.  See the guidelines here.  The Fan Photography  section of our website is for photos of dolls only, posed in interesting scenes and can be submitted at any time to  Check out the photos currently in the Fan Photography section for inspiration.  Please also note that for both the Photo Contest and the Fan Photography, only photos of Maplelea dolls dressed in Maplelea clothing can be considered.


  1. Make a stop action movie.

    Older kids will enjoy dressing up and posing their dolls to act out stories. By moving the doll just slightly between each photo taken, and putting them all together in a movie-making program, the doll will appear to be moving. Add titles, credits and voice-over and you have a mini movie starring your dolls!  There are lots of examples on You Tube of kids doing just that.  If your movie features Maplelea dolls wearing Maplelea clothing, consider sending it to  We may be able to feature it in our Fan Photography section of our website.  Or post it on YouTube for the world to see!


  1. Take a hike!

    Check out a new local trail, bundle up and get walking. See some interesting sights, birds and enjoy the fresh air. Don’t forget to bring along your pooch if you have one, or your Maplelea doll in her Maplelea Backpack or Tote Bag.


  1. Learn about Maple Sugar.

    Do you live in a part of Canada where sugaring-off is an early spring ritual?  If so, visit a Maple Sugar Festival or a Cabane à Sucre (Sugar Shack) to learn more about how maple sugar is made and to sample some of Canada’s famous sweetness.


  1. Visit the Maplelea Store.

    If you are in southern Ontario during March Break, drop by and see all the Maplelea dolls and outfits on display. Open Monday to Friday, 9am to 4:30pm on all weekdays except statutory holidays at 619 Steven Court, Unit 6, Newmarket, ON. 


  1. Check your local town’s website for festivals and activities.

    Every town (or nearby town/city) has a town website that should have a calendar of events put on over March Break. Pick one (or 10!) and have some fun. And don’t forget the library. Most public libraries will have some fun events like family music classes, art classes, puppet shows or crafts going on all March Break. Make sure to check out a new book while you are there.


  1. Make a fort.

    Grab some sheets, pillows, chairs and get building! Use clothespins to hold your sheets in place.  If adults say it is OK, add some string lights inside or get a flashlight. Get that book you got from the library, snuggle up inside your fort and read a story out loud to your Maplelea doll.


Whatever you decide to do, HAVE FUN this March Break!

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October 08, 2018

I went to Ottawa last March break and we went skating and eat beaver tails and visit the war museum. It was great!

Leah Stephens

May 24, 2018

I love to figure skate! It is my favourite sport! I did that on my March break.

Leah Stephens

June 08, 2018

I love to figure skate! It is my favourite sport! I did that on my March break.

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