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For the month of April, we are putting the focus on Alexi.  It also happens to be her birthday month!

Maplelea Super Fan, Shannon G., has created this photo story of how her Alexi is celebrating her April 12th birthday!  There's also a birthday banner you can print out for your own celebration.

Alexi's homemade banner is so much fun! To make a fun Alexi banner for your doll’s birthday, click here. 

Alexi has planned her total birthday on her own, and has declared it an orange birthday!  She told her Dad how she imagined her birthday to be, and he was able to help her get all the things she needed. 
She had fun creating a photo booth and took pictures of all her Maplelea friends on her digital camera. 
She planned all her picnic foods.  All her favourite foods that she mentions in her Journal are in the basket, except cherries.  (They are not in season!)  She figured her favourite foods were awesome because they were the kinds of food that you could eat in your hands (except the yogurt) and are nice and healthy, but best of all, allowed more time to run in the park and play.
She set up her photo booth outside in the park and got lots of great shots!
She got wonderful presents, including a new bathing suit (with cool glasses) and the towel, beach bag and cover up.  Summer is awesome to go to the outdoor pools and this year she will certainly go in style.  
She also got a very stylish play day romper with the kind of shoes she just adores.  She is so excited because summer is just around the corner and this year she will be ready.  
The other Maplelea Girls got creative and made or chose gifts they knew she would enjoy.  Jenna got her some photo albums for all the pictures she takes.  Charlsea gave her a very colourful whale, that she made. Birthdays are so much fun, and presents are awesome, because you know your friends have thought and worked hard to make beautiful cards and look for that special gift that would make you so happy.
What a wonderful birthday party she had! 


This Photo Story by Shannon G. was submitted and selected as part of our ongoing Photo Contest.  We are pleased to be providing her with mechandise credits to spend on the Maplelea website.  For more information on our Photo Contest click here.

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  • Shannon, your photo stories always make our day! Happy Bithday Alexi!

    sherry g. on

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