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Did you know that March 31st is National Crayon Day? We love these fun holidays at Maplelea! It is a day to celebrate the invention of crayons and the joy of colouring. While it is an "unofficial" holiday, it is a perfect reminder to get creative, dust off your crayons and spend some time colouring!  

Left-click, or command-click on the image you want to work on below, save it to your computer, print it out and colour it in! Enjoy!

Alexi's "Art of the City" Toronto scene:



Saila's "Artfully Inspired":


The oh-so-artsy "Painter's Palette":


Happy Colouring!

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  • I just discovered these today, May 1. These look very nice! Thank you for putting these up and leaving them up past March 31. I knew (from one of Maplelea’s journal pages) that crayons were invented in Canada, and I sure loved colouring with crayons as a child. I’m going to print two of these from the public library’s printer and colour them in. Thank you!

    Julie Naidich on

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